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Goodbye GoDaddy

Ciao GoDaddy
This is a few weeks late, but I’ve finally moved all my domains.

For many years, I’ve used as the domain registrar for this site as well as many others. What I liked about them was the following:
1. At the time, their site’s ‘control panel’ was way easier and quicker to use then the other ones I had been using: and networksolutions.
2. They were very inexpensive.
3. They were very inexpensive.

After a few years, GoDaddy became known for their SuperBowl ads which featured women with fake breasts in tight shirts. Let me say: I’m not against breasts in tight shirts. Holy crap, I’m really not.
They ran those commercials which were pretty obnoxious and/or embarrassing and/or idiotic.

Then their website started adding lots of ladies on the front page, which is all fine and well, but not super great when you use the site at work a lot.

Then the process of buying the domain became more obnoxious as the order form prompted you constantly for these pointless add-ons to buy.

Then I read about the CEO of the company, a Mr. Bob Parsons, who posted a video of himself shooting an elephant and then of the villagers (this was in Africa) all wearing GoDaddy shirts and hats eating elephant meat off the carcass.
You know, I’m not a super animal rights crazy person. I like animals but I also like to eat a few of them. That said, this seemed very obnoxious and over the top.

I go to the blog that the CEO keeps and read about the incident. He claims that the elephants were trampling the crops of the villagers and these villagers asked him (him?) to shoot the elephant. I understand that elephants stomp on things (i.e. Stompy) and I understand that if the elephant stomps and eats and fouls up their crops, the little village will starve.
That said, I kind of don’t believe that having the CEO of a company best known for cheap domain names and/or SuperBowl boob-ads is the solution.

You are telling me that these villagers who have probably lived with elephants for centuries on that land don’t have a better way to deal with elephants other than getting a white guy to shoot it?
For real? They don’t have their own gun?

But, wait. Forget guns. Aren’t elephants endangered?
Wait. Forget endangered. Wouldn’t it make more sense to use your money (the CEO) to just set up some sort of electrical fence around the crops (I hear electrical fences work pretty well)? Maybe instead of giving them shirts and caps, build a fence? Or something?
Because, oddly enough, you can shoot an elephant to save a village. But, you’ll have to also shoot the next one that comes by. And the one after that.

Oh, what the hell.

What I’m reading on my Kindle
It Takes a Village to Shoot an Elephant.

Thanks Gods I’m Living in a Free Country
He can shoot whatever the hell he wants to shoot. He lives in Arizona and is a member/supporter of the NRA. Shoot elephants. Shoot goats. Shoot whales. Shoot tiny bacteria with laser guns.
I support your right to do stupid shit.

I also support my right to say that is some stupid shit and to tell others that it’s some stupid shit and to spend my money elsewhere.

Oh, last thing
On his Twatter, he mentions that PETA gave him some sort of “Asshole CEO of the Year Award”. He responds with link to an article about how PETA kills animals in shelters.

I don’t really pay attention to PETA and don’t really have an opinion about them either way (apart that I don’t think treating animals like crap is cool) but if you post an anti-PETA article, it makes more sense to post one from a legitmate source.
The website PETAKillsAnimals is owned by the Center for Consumer Freedom - they are funded by the tobacco industry and the fast food industry (and I think some alcohol producers (gulp)).

The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), formerly the Guest Choice Network, is a non-profit American lobby group... CCF was set up in 1995 by Richard Berman, executive director of the public affairs firm Berman and Company, with $600,000 from the Philip Morris tobacco company. Berman told The Washington Post that CCF is now funded by a coalition of restaurant and food companies as well as some individuals;”

nice hoisting of petards mein frere! i am thinking of saying godspeed to another cyber-buddy, ourspace, and it really is sort of nostalgic. myspace changed my life for gawds sake

spater go vater
»former solstice ||  4/26/2011 ||  2:42:16 PM
Who are you using instead of GoDaddy now?
»stu ||  4/26/2011 ||  3:10:20 PM
They were doing a fun promotion that if yu move your domain away from GoDaddy to them, they'll donate money to some elephant organization.
Also, their site is pretty straightforward, calm, and normal.
»:r ||  4/26/2011 ||  5:23:24 PM
"yu" is brooklyn-ese for "you"
»:r ||  4/26/2011 ||  5:23:48 PM

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