1998: World Trade Center

I’ve written this stupid post a dozen times
Part of me realizes that no one cares about someone who’s 9-11 experience involved getting breakfast as the towers burned and then walking to my dot-com job and watching them fall from our fire escape. Oh, then there was the precarious meeting up with my wife who had to walk like forty blocks from her office.
And it smelled bad. And we rode the train home and had fried chicken for lunch and then drank beer and watched the news footage over and over again.
That night we walked to the promenade in Brooklyn Heights and watched the sunset behind the still smoldering ruins. There was dust and paper fluttering around even there in Brooklyn.

I don’t mean to be flippant. I still think about how horrifying that was for those poor people in the towers.

Mrs. Robot and I both worked at WTC as temps around 1998. It was a screwy existence. The building is big, but the windows were those slits and didn’t let a lot of light in. If you didn’t have an office with a window, you were stuck in the very artificial middle section with no daylight.
There was a whole mall underneath it. People never left that complex which I thought was odd. You could go a week and never step outside of the building .

I don’t recall what the name of the company was that I worked for – something legal-y. I also don’t recall what floor they were on. In my short time there, I had a few office pals but I don’t remember much about them.

Ten Years Ago
That was a long time ago. Mrs. Robot and I had only been married a year – celebrated our first anniversary by trying to eat the frozen cake (yuck) while not smelling that constant weird “WTC trade center dust” smell.
I worked at a little dot-com with robot’ers MattyJ and Liz (and Lawton, and Taiwai, and Willems, and not Pat). I drank beer.

What I will do on 9-11
Maybe have a beer? We drank beer then.
If it doesn’t rain, I’ll go for a bike ride – patriotically, of couse.

What I won’t do on 9-11
- Refer to the day as “Patriot Day”. Holy crap. WTF.
- Watch TV
- Turn on the radio
- Go to Ground Zero
- Protest evangelical Christians not be included in the ceremony
- Listen to pundits
- Talk to conspiracy theorists

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funeral funnies! what we did on the anniversary of september 11th

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