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What We Did on the Anniversary of September 11th

CSA Bounty
Things Eaten: CSA Bounty
We belong to a CSA that is part of a farm out in Long Island. This week’s haul was a bit small as the hurricane and then the rain we had last week hosed up the farm.
Stupid weather! I need my squash (we got no squash this week).

Peach Smooooothie
The farm sent us all a bunch of peaches so I also made a simple peach smoothie. Just peaches and ice. I think it would have been cool to get some yogurt as well and make some sort of lassi, but I’m quite lazy. Peaches and ice work well.

Farm eggs. We also get eggs so there was a nice a omlette with black beans, tomatoes and queso fresco for a late lunch. Those farmy eggs do seem to taste a lot better.

The bouquet of flowers from the CSA contains basil?


Also, Mrs. Robot swears our peppers keep changing color. Oh, and there was basil in our flower bouquet.

CSA melon!
Melon and Goat Cheese
When in Tulum (Mexico) last year we had a great appetizer of watermelon, goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar - so I made this as a quick snack before dinner.
Here’s the trick: don’t add that much balsamic. The second dish I made (and didn’t photograph) featured maybe a single drop or two on the goat cheese and that worked well. The chili powder probably works great as well, but I think ours is old. Need to buy new.

Melons. Goat cheese. Chili powder. Balsamic.

Oh, and I had a nice bike ride
I'll save you the full multi-hour ride video with the jumpy George Washington bridge crossing. Here's three minutes.

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