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Time-Lapse California and Tortillas and Wine

Good morning trees
I hate California the same way I hate your attractive sister. So pretty and nice and smells like flowers and makes good tortillas.

Virgin Atlantic
We flew VA (as we call it (called it (just now called it))) and that’s fun. It’s like the meatpacking district but a lot higher up in the sky and not that much body spray.
All night-clubby with the lighting and flight attendants in shirts that may have been a size too small. Not that I’m complaining. If you know what I mean (I like girls in tight shirts for some reason – I’m weird like that).

The How/Why
OK, the “how” was easy. We flew. I just wrote that. The “why” was because Mrs. Robot was walking in her 4th Avon Walk to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Walk Walk and since she’s clever she signed up to walk the one in sunny and pleasant Santa Barbara. “SB IN THE HOUSE!” we yelled.
Our pal Tracy walked with Mrs. Robot which was swell and also swell because her lovely man-friend Mark would come along and he and I could go do man things.

Man Things!
These are the man things we did while the ladies walked:
(1) Had a very good breakfast at D’Angelos in Santa Barbara. I had a very good eggs benedict that was served on French bread with a poached egg, smoked salmon, and a fine citrus-y hollandaise sauce.
(2) We went to a winery and drank wine.
(3) We sat outside the winery and drank wine while waiting for the ladies to walk by
(4) We saw the ladies and cheered them on and made kissing.
(5) We went to La Super-Rica Taqueria. You know, that is awesome. Their tortillas are really amazing. It’s worth the trip.

Camera Fun
GoPro time lapse fun on trip to Santa BarbaraA few weeks ago I bought that tiny GoPro camera that records things in the popular “HD” format while being underwater or flying through the air. It’s really a great camera. Two thumbs up.
For the trip from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara, we mounted the GoPro to the sunroof and recorded the whole thing via the time-lapse feature.
Here’s my notes:
(1) When mounted on a car, I had it set to take a photo every 5 seconds. That’s too long. I’d recommend 2 seconds. Granted, that takes more video time, but you can tweak that when you stick it all together. Having 5 seconds was too jarring.
(2) The time-lapse tool creates JPG files which is fine. A lot of people suggest using QuickTime Pro ($29) as it does a good job of putting them all together as a movie. Oddly, iMovie is very little help. I didn’t have QT Pro but found a really great time-lapse program via the Apple AppStore for $0.99.
(3) You’ll get bugs on the lens.

Here’s the video. I didn’t have the time to put a soundtrack on it (featuring hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today) so you can just hum ‘yakety sax’ and that should work.

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