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Earthlink, do you read me?

rachel found this great article about visiting brooklyn...

the brooklyn bridge painted red and lower manhattan cleared out for attractive mountains.
(note the photograph)

Salon has a good article about Earthlink in their technology section.
Earthlink, do you read me?
i read this on the way to work this morning, knowing that when i got to work, one of the first things i had to do was call earthlink's billing department to fix another one of their mysterious credit card problems.

it happens like this...

1. i get an email saying "your credit card was rejected"

2. i call them and say, "really? the same credit card you guys have been charging for the past 2 years? the one that has plenty of room to cover this bill?"

3. and they say, "yea, that one"

4. and then i say, "what credit card number do you have there?"

5. and they give me some number that i don't have.

6. and then i say,"ok, that is not my credit card number, and it's not the credit card number that you charged my invoice to last month. and the month before... do you have a record of when this credit card was changed?"

7. they say, "no, that is the card you signed up with back in the day"

8. i say, "no it isn't"

9. so i give them the correct number. they assure me that they will fix it.

the tragic thing is that i love earthlink, and have set up accounts for my whole family, and the wife, and all my friends, and anyone who will listen to me. and here they are f*cking up all my dsl and dial-up accounts because they got little screechy monkeys running their billing department.

so, those sharks.. biting people. crazy.
the one that happened in NC this weekend was at prime feeding time (5-6pm and on)... the time i saw a big shark in nc was at that same time.
i tell you, i think they are up to something.
(although rachel disagrees and offered up her theory of giant godzilla like monsters that are taking over the oceans and pushing the sharks inward towards shore. there was also a theory about aliens doing the same... 'cocoon'-esque i suppose.)

then i read this in salon

the man had lost a leg and a finger. The woman lost her left foot and was bitten on her left hip and left wrist, he said. Both also had injuries in the groin area.

The Groin! you'd think having your limbs chopped off was enough, but now they are going for the groin area! c'mon sharks!

our pals derek and rachelle not only have a new baby, they have a new car. i mean, they got that new baby smell, and the new car smell. excellent.

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