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did i tell you that we saw Carrot Top ("Carrot Top" Carrot Top 2001) wednesday at lunch. it wasn't that exciting.. it was just that we had mentioned him for some reason 15 minutes earlier. he walks in, and i tell tamara, "see, there's carrot top". and we are all like, "weird". then we ate our fried chicken.

he's doing this heavy eye makeup things these days... what is up with that?

Well, leave it up to the Weekly World News to figure out this whole shark thing. it seems that our cuban friend Castro has been training these sharks to attack americans. i totally suspected that the whole time, and i am glad that a decent american publication had the balls to tell the real story. go to the grocery store and buy your copy today. go now! go!

i wonder how ol' Nash Bridges is. i don't see him much anymore.

two funny religion based links for you...

ok, tell me.. who doesn't like AFRO KEN!?

hey, i am a guy and all, but i love me some funny kitties!

our little dot-com place of work threw out a bunch of old books the other day...
titles included:
net gain
striking it rich .com

The Replacements
now, they were a good band. william and i were discussing them this morning, and my theory is that if they had been born 5 years later, they would of been a huge band if they had hit when alternative music was popular (remember that?), instead of the mid-80's when it was just a special section in your local Record Bar. (i think at one point a friend and i debated the pros and cons of 'alternative' and 'progressive'. then you had the stores that just dumped it all in the 'import' section).
but, of course, if the Replacements had been huge in the early 90's, they totally would of been co-opted by the 'frat boy' crowd and i would of hated them after going to one of their shows and being pushed around (or 'slammed' as we called it) by idiots in gap jeans and baseball caps with their bills curved.
i am also not sure how their alcohol lifestyle would of played either. what do you think?

in conclusion:
i feel like they really missed it by 5 years or so... they could of been millionaires.

my .02

ladies and gentlemen.. disembodied hand

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