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michael jackson is still a celebrity

i am 1 for 1 against the computer in the checkers game. the script for the checkers game is public domain... who ever built it did a fine job. viva checkers.

i am totally fascinated with the fact that michael jackson is still a celebrity. this makes no sense at all to me, especially if you use the western model of celebrity-ness which doesn't really celebrate real creepy looking celebrities (this does not include faux creepy, like marilyn manson -in other words- creepy creepy, not ha-ha creepy).
the wall street journal had an article about the whole re-introduction of michael jackson, and how Sony is throwing their weight behind him to recoup some of the huge cost of his latest album.

Brando booed at bizarre Michael Jackson concert

file this in "the future looks scary" category.
there is a new cd format out that won't allow you to play a cd on a computer's cd drive without registering it. pretty annoying system that i hope will die much like stupid head Circuit City's stupid DIVX DVD system did. it appears that they are trying to sneak the system out by introducing it on very low-selling releases (this article was about a "Charley Pride's A Tribute to Jim Reeves" cd)

dude, could that zefrank website be cooler?

I like to read people's posts before 9/11. they seem so nice.
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