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Turkey Day 2011: Hello LA - Then we ate more food and stuff

Post-Thanksgiving Juice
My Black Friday: juice and KindleMrs. Robot and I shared some juices the morning after (see part 1). I had a this nice dark green vegetable juice (kale, broccoli, collards, etc) that was nice. She had one that was based on beet juice and fruit which was much tastier.
Veg juice FTW! (I'm all in to vegetable juice for some reason)

Then we moved onto bacon flavored vodka bloody marys (and dark and stormys).
Bloody Mary. Bacon vodka (homemade). Garlic pickle.
Planet of Some Apes
Oh, right. I almost forgot. The Friday after Thanksgiving is known (in our neck of the woods) as Bloody Friday which consists of bloody marys and movies (traditionally James Bond). This year we watched Coming to America (yay), Fletch (starring the apartment building of our pal Mark), and Planet of them Apes starring whatshisname... the guy who likes guns and the NRA. Heston.
I had never seen POTA (as we will now call it) and it was loony. Holy moly.
Heston. What a loon.

Ladies As was reported in many Hollywood rags, we dined at Animal this past Saturday. You know, because we hadn’t had enough pork and other meaty things.
Once again, they delivered.
(wait. no. we dined there.)

This is what I think we had if my memory serves me correctly.
- chicken liver toast
- baby kale, pecorino, lemon chili vinaigrette, breadcrumbs (OK, this was my favorite)
- marrow bone, chimichurri, caramelized onions (not enough bread and the bread that we had was too big and too delicious by itself)
- crispy pig’s head, pickled vegetable aioli (this was basically a head cheese - then fried. yow.)
- rabbit loin spring roll, eggplant, sprouts, green curry (yum)
- hamachi tostada, herbs, fish sauce vinaigrette, peanut
- foie gras, biscuit, maple sausage gravy (crikey)
- some sweet breads dish that isn’t on the menu online

Wine: Awesome red from the Jura. Jura!
Great meal. Go there now.
(no photos. too dark. too busy eating.)

Former Naked Baby
John Ross Bowie was sitting mere feet away from us. He of the former Naked Babies fame and current TV fame. We poked him.
(funnily, we saw him years ago at another restaurant in LA - he’s the guy we run into when in LA)

Shrimpy Breakfast
Dim Sum
Traditionally, the Sunday after Bloody Friday (which is after Thanksgiving) is Dim Sum day and this year was no exception as we had dim sum at Elite Restaurant. I made a pig of myself. The pork and shrimp dumplings were great, but probably the prettiest and tastiest had to be the tempura shrimp wrapped in the rice noodle thing. You rock food!

Hola Pho (@ Pho 87)
Traditionally, the Monday after the Dim Sum on Sunday after Bloody Friday after Thanksgiving is “Go to LA’s somewhat crappy Chinatown and find awesome pho” day and this year was no exception. We dined at Pho 87 (catchy name) and had their basic pho with the raw beef (I had meatballs in mine as well). Good stuff.
Not the best I’ve had but one of the prettiest.

Very Little Food Consumed
Getty Center: Stop looking so pretty.On Sunday we visited the Getty Museum thing-a-ma-jig. We have always meant to do that and the weather was spectacular so it made sense to take advantage of that. Crikey. We looked at some art, but anything in their galleries is totally overshadowed by the buildings themselves and (on this day) the clear view of Los Angeles.
That is some pretty stuff.

Our little SilverLake rental house
Little House
Mrs. Robot found us a little house in Silverlake to stay in. Adorable. What a lovely little house. Lots of windows and a view of the Hollywood sign from the kitchen.

What Else?
Breakfast tacos (sounds like an euphemism). Drinks at Canter's next door to Animal.
The beach!
Greetings from Santa Monica

Cocktails at sunset!
Santa Monica Pier

this is my favourite of your annual traditions. Can we join you next year?
»pony ||  12/1/2011 ||  3:59:59 PM
This is all very lovely and I wish I had the money to have a tradition like this, but what we really want to know is what did you name your kitty?
»stu ||  12/1/2011 ||  5:40:14 PM
Still no name.
Down to:
»:r ||  12/1/2011 ||  9:11:06 PM
How 'bout Voltron.
»thewillhelm ||  12/4/2011 ||  9:47:00 PM

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