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Then there was Flat Anderson (Cooper)

Flat Anderson
At one of the aerporto bookstores at LAX they were giving out these Anderson Cooper bookmarks if you bought a book or magazine or, apparently, anything. The bookmarks are great because they are cut-outs of Anderson Cooper - hence I had fun taking photos with him.

At the Terminal
Flat Anderson waiting for his plane (as he got to the airport earlier than expected).
Flat Anderson got to the airport a bit early.

Flat Anderson

Flat Anderson

Flat Anderson Cooper

Flat Anderson over Iowa
Flat Anderson over Iowa on @virginamerica

Flat Anderson has a run-in with Robot Kitten
Oh noes! Flat Anderson!

I am a big fan of Flat Anderson.
»chris ||  12/4/2011 ||  10:26:12 PM
Flat Anderson is just so serious, yet the purple tie gives him a bit of an arty edge.

»j ||  12/5/2011 ||  1:46:43 PM
When I was a kid we had a cat called Scratch Anderson.
»thewillhelm ||  12/5/2011 ||  4:00:44 PM
Hey. I had the same idea. I've been taking photos of my Flat Anderson for my friends on FB.
»llrm ||  2/15/2012 ||  6:00:53 PM
nice redesign!
»pony ||  2/17/2012 ||  10:32:20 AM

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