Damn you Scotland
Good morning whiskyAfter leaving Champage I took an extra day and went to visit a distillery in Scotland. I had to fly from Paris to Manchester (short flight) and got to experience the quirkiness/crappiness/bad-signage/loopy layout that is the Manchester airport (I just realized that I had been there before – crazy car rental adventure (and wedding)). Then I took a very small plane to Inverness. Bumpy.


Somehow, the weather was gorgeous. Sunny. Clear. Kind of… warm.
This was northern Scotland in February.
I need to start playing the lottery.

Glenmorangie House
Glenmorangie House
Oh my.
I had a distillery tour the next morning (after a wonderful breakfast) and due to some scheduling conflicts, it was all over by noon. So I returned to the house, had lunch, and then went for a wonderful walk near the sea.
Scotland: stop being so pretty.
Glorious scenery.
Oooooh. Ahhhhhhh.

For real. Glorious. I took a long walk up the coast, came back and took a bath, and then had dinner with a group of visiting Germans who have a whisky club and travel together visiting whisky sites around the world.
Luckily, they mostly all spoke English.
Great meal. Fun conversations. Much scotch drank.

Oh. What a story I have to tell.
At the end of the meal, as we sat by the fire, they toasted the evening and told me I was their welcomed ninth member (as their the traditional ninth member had gotten older and sicker and wasn’t traveling). I was given business cards and invites to come visit Germany or the USA were traded. It was totally fun.

Did I mention the scenery?
My morning walk

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