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What I learned on my trip to Champagne

Hola Champagne
I’ve only been gone for a few days but for whatever reason it seems like it has been a week or two.
Literally, three days in the town of Epernay in the Champagne region. One day in Paris.
Somehow I’ve grown older or aged or time has flown by or something.

Last day in Epernay
What I've learned on my trip to Epernay
Contrary to popular belief, Champagne isn't always wet and grey in February. My three days here were sunny and relatively mild.

In Malaysia, there are basically three cuisines: Indian, Chinese (southern), and the local fare.

You can prevent an attack from 'drop bears' by putting toothpaste in your hair or vegemite. Or a fork in your hair (how you put the fork in is not clear).

The Aborigine people will put the old women at the front and the back of the group when crossing a river because they know that the crocodiles will either get the first person (that would be a hungry crocodile) or the last one (that would be a sneaky crocodile).

I'm still not sure how to use a bidet.

Binge drinking has been a problem in Malaysia.

Great white sharks pick off people fairly often on the northern beaches of Australia. They (the sharks) are there because that is where many whales come to give birth.

There's a snake in Australia that is super poisonous. If you get bit, they say to sit down and roll a cigarette. If you can roll the cigarette and start to smoke it, you will most likely live. Otherwise, you'll be dead.

At the party last night, they had some people get lost in the cellars (we had a dinner/party/disco in the cellars). Apparently it was the ol' "I got lost with this pretty girl in the cellars" story. I need to get my wife to come to Champagne with me so we can get lost in the cellars because that would be… sexy awesome wine dork fun.

Western Australia gets pretty hot.

Our colleagues in Malaysia have an in-house doctor in their office building. He prescribes medicine for you liver.

There's a beach in northern Australia that you want to visit because the tide goes way out during the day and you can bring in horses and play polo.

I don't normally consume a lot of cheese when I'm at home, but while in France I may have consumed my weight (23.4 kilostones) in cheese. There was no bad cheese this trip - even the uber-stinky ones I was devouring.

Oh, but I do love bread.

The valleys in the Champagne region with their vineyards spread out over the hills are spectacular on a sunny and clear day. Even though it is February and the vines are dormant and sad looking.

I love France and their food and their wine and their particular savoir-faire, but on my last day I would have killed a man for a slice of pizza from the pizza shop near my apartment.

Next stop: Scotland

iPhone 4S camera is really my most favorite camera ever.
Dinner #2 at Moët.

You know Drop Bears are fictional, right? They're the Australian version of snipes.
»stu ||  2/22/2012 ||  1:14:36 PM
um, carnivorous cousins of the koala are fictional?
»le :r ||  2/22/2012 ||  6:29:24 PM
Wesley Snipes isn't real?
»mrs. robot ||  2/24/2012 ||  3:58:24 PM

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