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My Jet Lag Strategy

Panoramic Paris
My Jet Lag Strategy
Note that is also applies when I go into outerspace.
First, I don’t think I can sleep on a plane. It just doesn’t work. I can maybe get 30 minutes at a time, but it’s not something I can really plan on. I’ve gone to France twice this month for work and I basically have to plan that day beforehand to recover before I can do any thinking/living/operating properly.

Good morning street
Hello Paris
I arrived in Paris around 8:30am this past Sunday (er, yesterday). Thankfully, the hotel I was staying at had a room available because the neighborhood I was in has nothing open in the mornings. My work-pal was staying at the same hotel and he dragged me out for a breakfast and then mercifully allowed me to catch an hour and a half nap before dragging me out yet again for a two-hour lunch with duck, escargot, and a fairly brilliant bottle of wine from Bordeaux.

Hello duck

Oh, the point
The point is that sleeping aids scare the crap out of me. I can totally understand becoming addicted to them since sleep is such an integral part of, um, living. But, this is my strategy I’ve decided: I take an AdvilPM or Tylenol PM on that first night to just make sure I get knocked out. Sunday night, I got back to my hotel room around 6-ish and took one (which was good because I was sore from the flight) and slept from about 7:30pm to 7:30am. Now, I didn’t really sleep the whole time as those pills usually only knock me out for a few hours so I would wake up every hour or so. But I felt pretty good today. It’s midnight right now and I’m still pretty awake (this might be an issue).

So, that is my strategy as far as those types of drugs.

Tonight we had some very good Champagne from 1975.
Pre-Star Wars!

The A380: she is big
Oh, last thing. I fly over on that huge Airbus A-380. Crikey! It’s big. My favorite thing ever has to be the camera mounted on the tail. The takeoff and landing were both quite fun to watch.
Tail mounted cameras: the best

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