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Marfa Texas - Film Finally Developed

Yesterday I got all my rolls of film back from our trip to Marfa. I’m still looking for a good moderately priced lab that develops 120 film and does decent scans. The lab I used this time came highly recommended and the scans are fine, but the dynamic range on them are pretty bad especially when you compare them to the actual transparencies. What this probably means is that I need to pick the best frames and have those re-scanned in a higher quality.

I’ve posted the good stuff on FLICKR although I’m still going back and tweaking images and re-uploading. All the images in the Marfa set on FLICKR came from either:
- Rolleiflex with Fuji Velvia 100
- Panasonic Lumix LX3
- iPhone 4s (professional!)

Yay film!

Welcome to Alpine

Shafter Texas Cemetery

Point of Rocks Roadside Park

Vacation Over

View the entire set on Flickr!

Wow dood.
»cromulent ||  6/8/2012 ||  7:55:13 AM
I also like the hat pic.
Funnily, that was shot on the last morning. I wanted to finish the roll in the camera before getting on the plane.

Also, most of this wasn't metered - although I did bring my meter this time, I barely used it. Meter schmeter.
»:r ||  6/8/2012 ||  8:03:22 AM
good stuff. do you send your film out to have it developed or does nyc still have actual camera shops that do that kind of thing?
»klutch.xls ||  6/8/2012 ||  9:49:40 AM
these are gorgeous. Film all the way. Love that hat pic.
»adina ||  6/8/2012 ||  10:20:06 AM
Klutch: Yup, there are a number of labs that still do color, B&W, and slide/transparency processing in=house.
»:r ||  6/8/2012 ||  1:09:41 PM
JW labs in Raleigh does a great job, and they will fedex wherever.
»t-mo ||  6/8/2012 ||  6:20:57 PM

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