Good morning ocean
Hi Shark
We just returned from our annual family vacation to the shores of South Carolina (“South Carolina: We used to be the crazy, intolerant one!”). As it usually happens when you go on holiday (as they say) the final few days are the best - in our case, the final two days were spectacular weather-wise. Hot yet breezy. Clear but with puffy clouds. Cool evenings.

There we are in the ocean. My brother, his little son, and myself. Just floating around. Minutes after I totally got some heebie-jeebie feeling in the ocean, I look to my left to see a large, dark thing swim by. “Thing”. Ha. No, I knew exactly what it was. I think that’s an evolutionary feature: the shape of a shark totally gets flagged in your brain. No question.

As we sat on the shore and drank beers or sodas or whatever it was we did, I started to think about how close the shark was to me. I’m lousy with distance, but I realized that the water wasn’t really that clear so in order to see anything, it would have to be close. Drat.

About a half-mile south of where we were, four people were nipped by an “animal” (as the TV news team reported) at basically the exact same time I saw the shark. Later that evening we watched the TV news for any more information and I loved the following sentence from their on-the-scene reporter:

“They saw no warning signs of danger before they were bitten”

I assume the reporter didn’t mean actual signs, but I also wondering what other signs we’d be looking for?
A big school of fish? Sure.
Dorsal fins sticking up all over the place? Sure.

Then again, these are sharks. And as we all know, sharks live in the ocean and eat things in the ocean. The same ocean where they live. Oh, and they can be pretty sneaky. Sharks are the mountain lions of the ocean. Sneaky. So, there’s that. They probably didn’t have a chance to announce their presence.

In other news, I bought an iPad (that was the night at the Campbell Apartment, then the Oyster Bar, then the Grand Central Apple store (what a long night (financially))). It’s pretty swell.
The only issue I have is the Facebook app and it brings up that same question: What are they spending their billions of dollars on? Not on mobile apps methinks.
The iPad app is even buggier than the iPhone version.

I’ll be in France this week eating cheese and drinking things. This is my third time in France this year and my french hasn’t progressed at all.

Our first delivery arrived. Yay!
1st CSA Pickup of the Year: squash! Onion things! Little lettuces!

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