What is it with word “panties” that I dislike so much? I was strolling down the avenue today (as I’m apt to do) and walked past one of those fancy undergarment shops for women where the sales clerks always do the magical exact sizing of bras and scoop the women into them. At the same time I was thinking that the habit of always checking into places on Yelp or FourSquare or Facebook or Friendster and how those check-ins could backfire during the holiday season or the week or so before your significant other’s birthday.
Then I thought, “I’d hate to have to go into one of those lady underwear shops and try to buy Mrs. Robot underwear – I mean, I’d probably have to say the word ‘panties’ while there”

Holy moly I hate that word.
(True story: I originally mistyped “I ate that word”)

If I was in the 2012 Sexy Olympics and I was about to win a gold medal and my last task was to ask a lady to take off her panties, I’d probably lose.

I mentioned this to Mrs. Robot and she replied, “No you don’t! You love that word. You say it all the time.”
Apparently I know nothing.

Speaking of Friendster
Things I didn’t know or had forgotten or are facts
- Friendster is now based in Malaysia
- It’s a hugely popular gaming site now
- I had an account and may have used the exact same icon I use on the popular Facebook website
- “Google offered $30,000,000 to buy out Friendster in 2003, but the offer was turned down”

Cat Hilarity
There comes a time in a pet owners life when you realize that your pet may be mentally challenged. With our cat, it would not surprise me. She came from the rough and tumble streets of Far Rockaway and who knows what kind of tumble and rough upbringing she had.
She has a ton of quirks.

If our cat was in the Sound of Music and had to sing the “These are a few of my favorite things” song, she would change all the lyrics to:

Washclothes and hair ties
Hair ties and washcloths and washcloths and hair ties
Hair ties, washcloths, washcloths and hair ties
These are a few of my favorite things

We have this tall storage.. thing. In this tall thing, we store our towels and sheets and washcloths. Now, we have always stored our washcloths on the top shelf. For years. Since the start of time.
Our cat, who as you just found out loves washcloths, jumps on top of the tall thing and with her clever paws opens the door and pulls out washcloths. Then she’ll move them around the apartment.

For instance, this is what I found the other day.
Washcloths kind of half stuck and then a few that she carried (one at a time?) to the bed and left in a pile.


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