What’s going on?
Where have I been?

Wait. Didn’t we just have a funeral a few months ago for a parent? Yes. Yes, we did.
Mrs. Robot’s dear ol’ dad passed away six months after her mother passed away. Yes.
So, there’s that.

Mrs. Robot was down south taking care of her dad and missed the hurricane. This left Robot.Cat and I to ride out the super-storm in Brooklyn. We were very lucky.
Our building is on a hill, so no chance of flooding.
There was a lot of wind, but not that much rain so no leaking problems.
We had electricty the whole time but did lose internet for about 5 hours.

Neighbors and friends in Red Hook and near the Gowanus Canal (I refuse to call the neighborhood “Gowanus”) weren’t as lucky, of course.

The hurricane was winding down and Mrs. Robot called to say that her dad had just passed away. That’s a strange situation to find yourself in: there was no way to really get out of town. At that moment, the bridges were still closed. Tunnels were closed. Nothing was open.
I don’t own a car.
Luckily, the next morning the car rental place near us was open and had cars to rent so I spent that day on a little road trip zooming down to hug Mrs. Robot.

Post Hurricane Traffic
In NYC, if you had the idea to drive into Manhattan, it was all crazy town. On the other hand, if you were driving away from Manhattan, the road was also empty. I drove down the BQE to the Verrazano bridge with no traffic while the other direction was basically stopped from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Verrazano. Crazy traffic.
It was the same on I95 the whole way. Traffic going north and no one was going south.

Also, Panera Bread. You’d think they could make a fancy sandwich, but you’d be wrong.

I was traveling on election day and had planned on doing the early voting beforehand and even had it marked on my calendar - the problem of course is that the day I planned to vote was the same day the stupid super-storm rolled in. I was in Texas (Houston and Dallas) and flew back on Election Day. Amazingly I arrived back in NYC around 7:30pm and was able to get a cab to the my polling station.

Street Name
At the polling station, they ask for your address to direct you to the right table to get the paperwork or whatnot. The first question is, “What is your street name?”
The girl in front of me, who seemed kind of tough and probably had an actual ‘street name’ was very flummoxed by this question.
“My street name? Why do you need that?”
Oh, it was hilarious.

Feeling Sorry for the GOP
A tiny part of me feels sorry for the GOP. This was not the candidate they wanted to run. They didn’t like Romney. Romney got a ton of hatred and smear campaigns by the other nominees and big finance supporters.
The Christian Right didn’t want to nominate a Mormon. Billy Graham probably didn’t want to endorse a Mormon as his website had earlier warned that Mormonism was a cult.

I’m not defending the Republican party, but it just seemed like all the wingnuts somehow rose to the surface this year.

Louis CK
Mrs. Robot, after dealing with a lot of post-funeral stuff (as well as doing some volunteer work for Obama while down south) flew up to the bustling metropolis of Hartford, “CT” where we met up and saw the humorous entertainer Louis CK.
It was a grand time.

Louis CK

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