J: Well I have to say I think you’ve, uh, I don’t know you, I don’t know this woman, I don’t know any of these anonymous women. But umm, well first of all thank you for making the election alot more interesting than talking about just the economy. I know to you it’s a distraction but to me it’s my life.

H: I understand. But you know, you asked me earlier, you said well did my wife watch that press conference? She did. And do you know what she said to me when I called her? She said, the things that woman described that doesn’t even sound like you and I’ve known you for forty-five years. My own wife said that I wouldn’t do anything as silly as what that lady was talking about because she does know me. I’ve been married for forty-three years to the same woman and I’m proud of it.
(Transcript courtesy of Fox News (hey, wait))

Bless that Crazy Man

Herman Cain’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and his discussion of the sexual harassment allegations has to be one of the most entertaining things ever (for that date). My favorite part has to be the defense his wife offered – that would be the classic “That doesn’t even sound like you” argument. Not to be hyper-cynical here, but I love that he introduces the concept that you would treat your wife and the woman in the office you are try to score with the same. Ha. Ridiculous.

Now, I’ve been with (ah yea) the same lovely woman for (omigod) 20 years, but I imagine that if I was in the market for an office fling or one-night-stand, I would approach the other person much differently than I would ever approach my wife. For instance, I probably wouldn’t try to ply the office fling with a calendar of goats in trees and YouTube videos of animals riding on turtles. There would not be nearly as many silly dances either.

Credit Card Statements?
The woman who accuses him of harassment es sexualito mentions that he upgraded her hotel room for her; as a gift or something? I know this took place in the heady, lazy days of the mid 1990’s, but in theory there could be a paper trail. Maybe?
They also had dinner and then went out for drinks. Expense report?
(that would be awesome if it was in a work-related expense report)

Last thing: If a Democrat came out with a program called “999” I’d assume the right-wing bible folks would be all aghast with anti-christ hoopla. Si?

Yet Un-Named Robot Project
A new project will be announced on Friday (or maybe Saturday). No, it’s not the new iPhone I just got and it’s not a baby – actually, with that elimination I think you can figure this one out pretty quickly.

Old phone: NervousiPhone 4S
Just arrived. It was all I could to to not hug the mailroom guy.
Will set it up tonight. Yay.

Basically Bike Shorts
Yesterday we had one of those odd 60+ degree days and I rushed home from work to go on a bike ride before darkness fell and the teens came out. Oh, but first, I hate these shorter days. The mornings, while light and pretty are a bit chilly so I haven’t done a lot of early morning riding like I did all summer. And then the evenings aren’t that chilly, but they are dark and I’m not super loving riding around in the dark during rush hour. Alas.

So, here I was at home. I have a new Rapha long-sleeve wool jersey (awesome) and I’m standing there making sure it fits before I go out and sweat it up and I had some sort of high school cycling flashback. 4:21pmI had totally forgotten about the fact that even though I rode miles and miles and miles during my teen years and had a few friends who rode with me, I think I was super insecure about the whole bike get-up and being seen wearing said get-up. My bike routes often took me on out of the way streets that were no where near a cool kids house. I’m not sure that any of the girls I seriously dated in high school (2?) ever saw me in my cycling get-up.

I’m still a tad shy about bike shorts. You know. With all my junk and stuff.

Peking Duck with Buns

The duck with the buns is way better than the crappy tortillas that most places serve.
I also love you.

Videos I don’t think you watched yet
(Because if you did, you would be screaming in pain and/or joy)

The Good:

The Bad:

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