Documentary Time
Mrs. Robot and her pal Karen (aka KMAC) did a project for The Work Office (aka TWO) all about Times Square. TWO is: “The Work Office (TWO) is a collaborative, multidisciplinary art project disguised as an employment agency. Informed by the WPA of the Great Depression in the 1930s, TWO is a gesture to “make work” for visual and performing artists, writers, and others by giving them simple, idea-based assignments that explore, document, and improve daily life in New York.”

The latest TWO show was based in Times Square and all the artists did projects based around Times Square and Mrs. Robot and KMAC did the little video above about people who worked in Times Square.

Geeky Stuff
Mrs. Robot, who has worked in the film/video/documentarty/TV field for many years, did the majority of the editing and it looks great (IMHO). They had a big fancy video camera but there were issues with it and at the last minute ended up using a Canon S95, two iPhones, and my GoPro camera. Super props to the Canon S95. If you want a small camera that just works great, that is the one you want. The video, as you can see, looks pretty great but I’m impressed by the audio. All of this was from the mics in the camera. The S95 has a stereo mics on the front and they seem to work great.
Viva small camera!

Full HD
The embedding doesn't allow HD (or I can't figure out how to do that) but if you view it on Vimeo, you can see it all crazy and big screen. Go here: Times Square: A City Within the City

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fifty hours in portland (aka mystery weekend in portland) my own wife said that i wouldnt do anything as silly as what that lady was talking about because she does know me

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