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:: December 2011 ::
» Hello Key West: 72 hours at the bottom of Florida
» Then there was Flat Anderson (Cooper)
» Turkey Day 2011: Hello LA - Then we ate more food and stuff

:: November 2011 ::
» TurkeyDay 2011: Hello LA
» Hello Kitty - Week #1
» The New Robot Kitty Arrives
» My own wife said that I wouldnt do anything as silly as what that lady was talking about because she does know me
» Times Square: A City Within the City

:: October 2011 ::
» Fifty Hours in Portland (AKA Mystery Weekend in Portland)
» Last Week was Alabama
» Shit has to look pretty

:: September 2011 ::
» I can not believe this week is over.
» Time-Lapse California and Tortillas and Wine
» What We Did on the Anniversary of September 11th
» What I will do on the anniversary of September 11th
» Funeral Funnies!

:: August 2011 ::
» I am now grandmother-less
» The Doggie Days of August: Burgers, Rainstorms, and Free Grapes
» Pay Toilets: Why don't we have them?

:: July 2011 ::
» Hello France - Paris, Champagne, and Cognac
» Hello France - Butter in Brittany
» What I was doing: Rock Shows. Tacos. Bicycles.

:: June 2011 ::
» What I did this summer: Family Vacation 2011
» Why I'm so busy and haven't posted a "blog" entry in so long

:: May 2011 ::
» Things I've owned: Bikes - Part III (AKA You have to ride the bike)
» Her Name is Lily

:: April 2011 ::
» Goodbye GoDaddy
» Glorious Monday
» I've got a coupon for a new pool safety gate
» We are apparently running a doggy daycare
» Groups I've blocked on Facebook

:: March 2011 ::
» Hola/Bonjour/Hello Montreal
» Sopa de Tortilla: A Rebuttal
» My Late Smackdown: Big Square Television and Other Old Media Things

:: February 2011 ::
» We commited to that second bottle of wine (talking about food disguised as a Smackdown)
» As a teen, I made out with girls. Once or twice.
» I've punched the following people
» I've got a crush on you
» Song that perfectly defined it: Tiger by the Tail
» Auto-Liaison
» Internets Sucks... or do they?
» Highway Travel: Transformative?
» Three Things (One Involving a Nude John Ball)

:: January 2011 ::
» Das Boot: My Boot Debacle of 2011
» Post-Holidays + What's the thing called?
» Let's Go Montserrat: Then we saw Plymouth
» Let's Go Montserrat

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