Hello World
Last weekend we were walking down Atlantic Avenue.
I forget why exactly. Dropping off stuff at the Salvation Army? I think so.

We pass the local vet office and Mrs. Robot wonders what kind of cats they have in their little kennels up front.
“They seem to have an orange one”, I say.
Now, if you had been eavesdropping on us for the past couple of months, you might have known that our unofficial list of features for a cat (if we ever got one again after the passing of dear Robot Cat a year or so ago) was basically this:

(1) Orange-y
(2) Female

In one of the little kennels was a 10 month old female orange cat (below her were adorable black and grey kittens). Her kennel name is/was Roxie.
There was a friendly cat adoption lady who approached us and told us the story of finding Roxie on a cold and wet night in a rough area of Far Rockaway (is a “rough area of Far Rockaway” an oxymoron? (I KID!!)) and how Roxie was a sweetheart but also a bit tough.
They let us take her into an examination room and play with her. She sliced my hand up pretty nicely. She was a bit standoffish, but on the hand (which she scratched as well) she seemed pretty confident and ballsy and sweet if she wanted to be. Loud noises didn’t seem to bother her and she spent most of her time trying to explore every corner of the room.
They told us to think about it.

I liked her because she, like the honeybadger, didn’t seem to care. Independent. When we left the room, she didn’t even notice. We called them back last Monday and said, “sure. what the heck. we’ll take her”. We picked her up on Friday (so that we’d have the weekend to get her aclimated to our rock and roll lifestyle).

So far so good. She is pretty calm. Likes to play. Sleeps a lot.
Fingers crossed.
Good Morning Kitten
(oh, the name: we weren’t super fond of Roxie but we haven’t decided on anything yet, so for now we just call her kitty)

(once we get a name, you can hack into all my accounts as my password will probably be: [cat’s name] + 1977 [the year Star Wars came out])

(also, congrats to PictureMonkey who also has a new kitten. And by “new kitten”, I of course mean “pregnant wife”)

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my own wife said that i wouldnt do anything as silly as what that lady was talking about because she does know me hello kitty - week #1

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