No Name
Somehow the kitten still remains nameless. We call her ‘kitty’ a lot, but I think we will decide something before Thanksgiving. That’s a good target.

The first couple of nights, I was a bit anxious and freaked out by the fact that she wasn’t sleeping and kept climbing into bed to put her paws on my face or to smell my nose.
“How will I ever sleep???”, I asked my teddy bear.
Luckily, she seems to have gotten the clue that nighttime is when we all sleep - even if she spent all day sleeping. She will sometimes sleep on the corner of the bed or on her little bed in the other room or sit in the windows guarding us from nighttime squirrel monsters.

Toilet Paper
Oh, and she discovered the toilet paper.
Kitten Discovers Toilet Paper

Like many kittens (and puppies) she chases her tail sometimes; it’s cute and all, but she seems to really hate that tail and when she catches it really chews on it. Doesn’t that hurt?

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