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I've got a coupon for a new pool safety gate

Subway Story
There is a woman on the train with a pit bull (very handsome dog). The dog is wearing a little dog coat. The woman has red hair. She is reading a book titled 'Sex Work'.

In Firefox (on the Mac) Command + Option + Right Arrow changes tabs. As I just did when my bosses boss walked by.

Grumpy Old Man
If you would, allow me to channel my inner Herschel Walker for a minute and be grumpy (although let’s agree that it’s shameful to be grumpy on such a lovely morning).

Gates Around Pools
Did I mention we got a new TV. Oh my. It’s lovely. Sumsung 32inch 1080p LED.
So I may be watching a bit more TV than I normally do.
Mrs. Robot, who has many fine qualities, is a fan of the show House Hunters (technically not a fine quality). I will often watch it with her, if only to yell at people. One thing I’ve noticed from watching this show and others is how petrified parents are about swimming pools. When did this happen? For real, it wasn’t like this when I was a pup. I can understand being concerned if you have a toddler walking around, but aren’t you watching him? And didn’t you already teach him to swim before he could walk or was my mom just pretty cool?
(apparently some communities have laws that require it)

Too Far?
"I refuse to buy a house with a pool or near any water-period. I am that paranoid"

Hair Dye
I think people should be cool with their hair color. Note that this written by a guy who also happens to be married to a girl with pretty natural red hair.

Zip your damn purse
Speaking of ladies, they need to start zipping their purses up. Everyday there is some woman on the train standing there with her purse unzipped with her cellphone and wallet just poking out. All the ladies who have been pickpocketed/robbed that I know were victims of the “my bag was open and someone just reached in and took it”.

Speaking of crap on TV, I spent a painful five minutes the other night watching that new show on TLC about people who are nutso about coupons. Holy crap. The episode I watched has this woman who keeps spreadsheets and wakes up at 5am to clip coupons and goes shopping at off-hours to get certain deals.
Holy crap.
In one scene she has some deal for Maalox and has (?) to buy 35 jars of it to get a deal of some sort. What? Then they show her basement where she has all the extra food she buys; i.e. her stockpile.
What irks me about this idiot is:
1. It’s all crap food. Sugary drinks. Chips. Processed crap.
2. Not only is it crap, she has like fifty of each item
3. Is this basically hoarding, but better organized?
4. Maybe she could donate all this extra to a food bank or a youth group or to her church because she and her husband are way out of shape.

Oh, her husband. When I think about being married to a crazy coupon clipper, it makes my heart ache and I have to go find Mrs. Robot and hug her and (usually) grope her bottom and then eat some full-priced snacks.

Random Coupon Quote
“That’s too much mustard for anyone”

Are there ever coupons for actual, real food?

Re: House Hunters. I don't know what it is about that show. It compels me to watch- have you seen the international versiom? One woman from Michigan, moving to France, remarked that she didn't like how tall the windows were in most of the apts. She was afraid that her kid would just fall out the window. Real estate guy: " tell your children not to jump out the window". genius.
»eve ||  4/15/2011 ||  2:22:25 PM
i love HHI even more. Especially when they take the "grueling" flight. I haven't not seen this episode but there was one where I woman moved from Kansas to Norway and made her husband build her a house because none of the ones they saw had AC and a garbage disposal. Oy!

»mrs. robot ||  4/15/2011 ||  3:09:44 PM
They never have coupons for produce. C'mon!
»lisa ||  4/19/2011 ||  7:39:18 PM

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