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The House Hunters Drinking Game

House Hunters
Mrs. Robot is a fan of the TV show “House Hunters” on HG TV. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this show, it’s all about people looking at homes, weighing the pros and cons of each and then choosing the best fit at the end of the show. It’s mildly interesting if only to see the inside of homes and learn how much the cost. It’s also mildly irritating as the ‘House Hunters’ can be brain numbingly inane with their observations and likes and dislikes.
This is how I propose we watch the show from now on…

The House Hunters Drinking Game

- Take a small sip when someone says “nice” (make sure it’s a small sip - otherwise, you will be blotto before the first commercial break).
- Drink every time Suzanne Whang appears (increasingly rare).
- Take two drinks every time Suzanne Whang appears if the group decides that her outfit was badly put together.

- Drink twice if you see the camera crew in a reflective surface.
- Drink when someone is happy about stainless steel appliances.
- Drink when someone is unhappy about the lack of stainless steel appliances.

- Drink when someone is happy about the granite counter tops.
- Drink when someone is unhappy about the lack granite counter tops.
- Drink when someone says that something will need to be updated.

- Ladies take a drink when a woman on the show who is looking at the closet in the master bedroom makes a joke about where her husband’s clothes will go.
- Drink when the realtor makes an awkward comment about “this could be the room for the baby” if they don't have any children.
- Guys take a drink when the husband makes a comment about using this room for a media or “guys” room.

- Scream “clean the damn lens!” every time they shoot scenes where there is gunk on the camera lens. And then drink.
- Drink if they pick the only unfurnished house that they were shown.
- Drink if the homeowner is shown playing a musical instrument or singing.

- If you have a pet nearby, raise your class in its honor and then take a drink every time they say something will be perfect for their pet.
- Drink every time they show the family cutting fruit in their new kitchen. (From MattyJ)

drink every time they show the family cutting fruit in their new kitchen.

throw up in your mouth every time the guy refers to his "guys room" as a "man cave"
»matty j ||  3/11/2009 ||  11:18:41 AM
"man cave"
That made me snort out loud.
»:r ||  3/11/2009 ||  11:20:19 AM
also, I am adding the fruit cutting one.
»:r ||  3/11/2009 ||  11:20:44 AM
I have one- drink every time someone says that the deck/ backyard will be "perfect of entertaining"
»mrs. robot ||  3/11/2009 ||  11:26:01 AM
Oh, this is hilarious. I have never seen the show, but now I feel as if I have.
»reba ||  3/11/2009 ||  12:43:51 PM
Take a sip of extra-potent eggnog every time the realtor mentions that the former owners of this house were foreclosed on the week before Christmas.
»blaine ||  3/11/2009 ||  3:18:49 PM
Also, double shot every time the realtor mentions the "suicide/murder room" and what a great value the house is due to that "unpleasantness."
»blaine ||  3/11/2009 ||  3:21:14 PM
blaine, i think you are watching a different tv show.
»mrs. robot ||  3/11/2009 ||  3:22:46 PM
I am watching a fantasy combo of House Hunters/Ghost Hunters/the nightly news.
»blaine ||  3/11/2009 ||  3:40:40 PM
Red Room! Red Room! Over there! Over there!
»stu ||  3/11/2009 ||  5:15:39 PM
i love this show too. once episode this woman could only ask "is this original?" about every surface, moulding and floor in the house. she asked it no less than 20 times. "is this original?" is a very popular phrase with me. a real kick in the pants is the series where people are house hunting for a vacation home. good grief.
»lisa ||  3/12/2009 ||  9:59:36 AM
Drink Irish Mist in coffee everytime a realtor walks out on a terrace and says "can you see yourself out here drinking coffee and reading the morning paper ". No one really does that, do they?
»sharon ||  7/29/2009 ||  10:20:26 AM

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