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Cat Cancer Causes Cat Compassion

Look at me! I’m “blogging” about a cat!
I like animals. I like dogs and cats. I hate goats. Normally I smirk a bit when people blog on and on about their cats. Dog blogging I don’t seem to mind, but cats somehow seem way dorkier.
Cats need better PR.

That old cat
As far as cats go, 2009 has sucked. In January our cat went through bouts of, how you say… “stomach misbehavior”. They did x-rays and sonograms and wiccan spirit cat ceremonies and weren’t really sure what was up except that the walls of her intestines looked a bit thick. We took her to a kitty oncologist who told us that it did look like something was amiss and the only way to find out would be to open her up (via the convenient doors we had installed (no, wait)) and see what was going on.
We took her home and for a few weeks we gave her medicine while decisions were made and operations were considered and planned.

The saddest thing ever was that during this period of time she seemed fine, but a little run down. One morning we had just administered her medicine (which was always super fun!) and she walked over to her food dish and just collapsed. Heartbreaking.
By the time I put some clothes on and grabbed the carrier, she had regained her composure and was walking around and acting wonky. I grabbed her and took her to the 24-hour Animal Emergency place which is luckily within blocks of where we live.
After pokings and proddings they told us that someone had to go in there and see what was going on… so she went under the knife in order to get biopsies from her insides. She was in the hospital for three days and came home last Friday.
Kero: Post-hospital
She’s been wearing the little funnel collar thing (we call her “funnel head”) and kind of tolerates it, but also puts on a good show of looking sad and/or pissed off.

Her tests came back positive for cancer – I believe it is gastrointestinal lymphoma. They found cells in her liver and her intestines. This is a common cat cancer. Yay.

Cat Chemo
Tomorrow she starts Kitty Chemo, which unlike people chemo, tends to not have crazy side-effects. The point isn’t to cure the cancer, but it is to provide a quality of life. She’s almost 17 so we hope to at least provide some sort of peaceful existence for months or year that she is around.

Oddly, she has been doing really well this week. She’s been eating a lot and has gained weight. Her fur had been kind of thin and oily feeling and now it’s all soft and handsome.
She likes to play and has gotten a bit pesky and stubborn when she wants something.

I blogged about my cat.

oh! oh gosh. hold tight, fuzzface
»-b. ||  3/20/2009 ||  12:30:44 PM
I think it is swell that you blog about your pet! I am happy to hear that she is getting back to her old self again. Cheers!
»de ||  3/20/2009 ||  1:46:50 PM
first of all you need to show some sort of "Hang In There" kitty poster on this post.

next, that is a fine fine picture of you and kero. Lookin' Good!

and last, and seriously. Hang In There Kero Kitty!
»matty j ||  3/20/2009 ||  2:32:18 PM
ouch. It's weird how much they are like people who don't talk and we love them. oh kero. padz sez hi and go out with a bang while swatting a mouse toy. nice blogg.
»kristen ||  3/20/2009 ||  3:19:04 PM
As happyrobot's preeminent kittyblogger, I welcome you to the fold. I"m just sorry it happened from such rough circumstances.

Also, her elizabethan collar is much nicer than the ones we got for our kitties. Jealous!
»stu ||  3/20/2009 ||  4:04:55 PM
Sorry R&R. Feel better Kero.
»jb ||  3/20/2009 ||  4:21:09 PM
Kero is Seventeen????
Poor kittykat! Hold tight to that treebranch, Kero!
»pony ||  3/20/2009 ||  4:26:47 PM
Breaks my heart.
»blaine ||  3/20/2009 ||  8:35:40 PM
Remembering her first night with us, back when the other George Bush was president, I can't believe she's only 17.
»blaine ||  3/20/2009 ||  8:38:44 PM
oh no, i'm so sorry! that is so sad. i'm afraid i don't know what else to say! just let us know if we can do anything!!!
»jj ||  3/20/2009 ||  8:58:21 PM
poor kitty face. get better!
»lisa ||  3/22/2009 ||  9:50:41 AM
Kero Kitty! Sending warm and fuzzy kitty thoughts and truly sad to hear the news.
»eve ||  3/22/2009 ||  4:54:11 PM
awww kero kitty! my mind harkens back to babysitting you while everyone else went to have fun up in maine or somewhere/ ah, but we had our OWN fun, did we not, miss kitty?!
»thewillhelm ||  3/22/2009 ||  9:44:05 PM

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