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Did I mention this?

Remember the February Smackdown? That was fun, but it ate a lot of my brain cycles and my head thinks that I haven’t written anything in a long time (“anything” being a description of what I have eaten recently and/or where I’ve slept).

Did I tell you about my birthday last month?
There were two noteworthy things. One was that I bought a new camera – the Panasonic LX3. It’s a pocket-esque camera with Leica glass, a good sized sensor, and kick-ass wide lens (24mm). It’s also supremely geeky in its features. It is handsome. I think I may have bought the last one in NYC.

The second birthday item was that Mrs. Robot treated me to a “stay-cation” (as they call it) at the new Standard Hotel (this person has great photos of it). That is the one that is built over the Highline tracks in the Meatpacking District. Great hotel and a very cool room. Glass shower!
Good times.

Did I tell you I was in Napa?
Chandon Office: ViewWhen was that? A few weeks back. I went out there for a meeting. Literally…. An hour. My part of the meeting was an hour. I presented at 9am and then walked out at 10am with a full day ahead of me. Napa was fun. I ate fish tacos at Taylor’s Refresher and drove up into the hills and looked at the way they trained grapes.
There were photos taken (it was the first time I really got to use the new camera). Also, I didn't like much of the wine.

Taylor's Refresher: Fish Tacos

That viewI then toodled down to San Francisco and met up with my pals Kristy and Matt and we “painted” the town. And by “painted” I mean “meet up with a friend of theirs and then go out and eat well and drink well (including some nice old ass Riesling)”.
Mrs. Robot had to work that week, so I was on my own. Traveling by yourself is… quieter.
Did I mention that the airplane had wifi access? I think I did.

Mrs. Robot Birthday
Hotel on Rivington ViewBeing that Mrs. Robot took me to the Standard for my birthday, I set up a whole itinerary for her and we ended up at the Hotel Rivington for her birthday. Nice hotel. Awesome corner room on the 16th floor with great views. Mr. & Mrs. John Ball came over for fancy champagne and snacks. They even brought over their lovely newborn daughter who slept the whole evening. They got one peaceful baby.

The Hotel Rivington, apart from the often douchebag filled bar on the ground floor, is great fun until about 3am when the intersection of Rivington and Essex becomes ground central for idiot honky and douchebag chest thumping.
I suppose I’ve been a part of that at one time.

Did I mention we had chocolate covered bacon? That’s some good stuff.

Time Travel Dinner
A few days after Mrs. Robot’s birthday we met our pals Serge & Irene (Irene’s birthday was close to Mrs. Robots) and had dinner at Le Veau D’or – this was the French place that Anthony Bourdain went to in his “Disappearing New York” episode.
He describes it best: “The menu is a journey through the past through dishes that were old even when I was a kid. The owner takes the reservations, hangs your coat, pours your drink, takes your order, and carves tableside. You gotta love this.”

I had the rack of lamb, which was carved up tableside. Everything was great. There was parsley used as a garnish.
It was grand.

Man, you used to be hardcore, back in the day. Interesting to see your progression from beer-swilling karaoke-singing face-spitting to Napa Valley Wine Snob.
»stu ||  3/26/2009 ||  12:30:14 AM
The chocolate covered bacon from teh Essex Street Market was amazing.
»jb ||  3/26/2009 ||  1:39:51 AM
please don't ever refer to me as someone who likes Napa wines.
»:r ||  3/29/2009 ||  1:26:16 PM
So sorry. Wine Snob Who's Too Good Even For Napa Valley.
»stu ||  3/29/2009 ||  3:21:19 PM
that smackdown thing was fun. Are we doing anything for Poetry Month?
»eve ||  3/29/2009 ||  6:53:26 PM

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