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National Organization for Marriage Ad: Outtakes

Nom Nom Nom
Today the National Organization for Marriage launched a $1.5 million ad campaign to protect marriage and religious liberty throughout the nation. The centerpiece of the new ad campaign is the 60-second TV spot "A Gathering Storm," bringing viewers face to face with the growing religious liberty threat posed by same-sex marriage.

Additionally, we have some testimonials that didn't make the final video and we have included those below.

I'm a pastor in Colorado who's was driven to have gay sex and become gay-addicted to methamphetamines because the idea of same sex gay marriage so repulsed me.

I'm a non-gay republican senator from the state of Idaho with a wide non-gay stance who was punished by the government because I can't support same-sex marriage or have gay bathroom sex while I am non-gay married.

I'm a conservative radio talk show host who was helplessly watching public schools teach our children that gay marriage is OK and decided to fight back by getting straight-married three times.

I'm a half-man/half-goat who doesn't want to gay marry Jason.

(you had to be there)

This video is like a WETA production of "Our Town."
»stu ||  4/9/2009 ||  4:08:23 PM
Also, for an anti-gay ad, it's pretty gay.
»stu ||  4/10/2009 ||  4:21:59 PM

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