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I am the most uninteresting man in the world

Undisclosed Location
From time to time, even a high-payed internet executive like myself makes a mistake. Last night it was finally going to a restaurant near our apartment (AKA “The happyrobot world townhouse, LLC.”) that we’ve been meaning to try for a year or so and realizing that (like a character in Arrested Development (the show, not the band)) that we’ve made a terrible mistake. The mistake being that we were shocked how great the experience was and equally shocked how stupid we had been for taking so long to try it. So many wasted nights eating at other places.

It was a great meal. Arugula salad. Clams, garlic, and crusty bread. Homemade pasta with sausage. Roast chicken. Lambrusco to drink. Chocolate pudding for dessert.
(pudding? yes. it was tremendous.)

It was so great that I didn’t take any photos and so far haven’t even mentioned what restaurant it was in fear of fellow internet executives finding it and douching it up.

During Dinner
I think it was Mrs. Robot who made a joke about me (?) being the “most uninteresting man in the world”. It was a joke based on something I said. I think. There were cocktails.
We spent the time between the courses at dinner coming up with items that the World’s Most Uninteresting Man would Tweet.
Here they are.

12 doves? I only counted 11.
»j ||  1/13/2013 ||  2:03:34 PM

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