Lost Post from 2005
I was going through the old robot archives and found a post that I had penned (internetally) but never posted.
Wonder why? Was it too controversial? Too saucy? Too snarky?
(actually, it may be too snarky)

But, what the hell. You aren't reading this, so here goes! From November 5, 2005.

Surefire topics for a successful happyrobot post
1. Jamba Juice

2. Republicans should not publish their views

3. I am having sex with someone on happyrobot

4. I am now not having sex with someone on happyrobot

5. I am a tall man who wants to have sex with your mother

6. I like to keep it real

7. The homeless rock!

8. I love everyone

9. Here's a photo of my new dog/cat/baby/gadget

10. I am getting a divorce

11. Hockey – too much or lack of

12. If I won the lottery, this is what I'd buy you

13. Pony once wore a grade-school uniform

14. You won't believe all I drank this past night/weekend/month/era

15. You won't believe what I had for dinner

16. Let me describe to you in detail the sex I was having with someone here on happyrobot

17. Why is no one having sex with me – on or off happyrobot?

18. Here's a photo of my breasts/bottoms/wieners/bits

19. Self-referential posts listing types of posts

20. John Lawton had a birthday and the following fighting/spitting/f*cking happened

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i am the most uninteresting man in the world the time i went to minneapolis in january

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