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Ironically, I am rejecting your rejection - Volume V

Oh, lovers. You can't stop the lovers. They will find your little page on your website where you collect stories about love and they will write. Oh, will they ever.
This morning I realized that I hadn't checked the "Love Stinks" internet bucket of misery in the past, um, year. Lucky for us, it was chocked full of entries which I will now share with you.

 A wreckage of me
Short Attention Span Summary: 18 years old and life is over
Am an 18 year old with no hope of ever getting over my past.My disappointment comes from being dumped by a gal I thought would be myn for ages.I had jst gotten out of yet another r/ship dat dnt work wen i met her on the social.she was a sister of my high skul pal and as fate wud hav it,we fell in love.

No Title
Short Attention Span Summary: She smiled at him two years later. She's also 12?
I have been loving her since my childhood..a lot even now.In my 15th age(she have 12) i noticed a number of times that she love me.that make me so happy.thats not mere certain situation but solid evidence,i can't write whole things.whatever when she moved to her next school i could feel something happend to her. From my friends i knew that a guy proposed her.after that i stop everything talking seeing everything.Bt i love her in my depth of my heart,truly,uncontrolably.After 2 years after she smiled me.

chance #2
Short Attention Span Summary: She likes word play
i met the perfect guy when i was in love with another man. or so i thought.i was a teenager when i met a young man. a few years my junior. he was precocious but precious. charming and vibrant but quite unnoticeable. he can carry a conversation but most of all he was sincere and real.what started out as pure friendship for me became infatuation for him.

Is it really over?
Short Attention Span Summary: The Three Way was a mistake for them
somehow I didn't want to stop seeing him so I told him that I only needed someone to "take care of my itch" and he agreed. But that was a lie. I just loved to spend time with him. Everything was going great...He even told me a few times that he loved me and he left his ex for me. I decided to give him a threesome just to rock his world and to be compliant and daring and sexy all at once....we did it and it was the worst mistake ever....he thought I liked the dude...he got insecure from it. He never really took me anywhere.

New Orleans
Short Attention Span Summary: Getting drunk = Being Disrespectful
The next day was no different, we went to the zoo, and dinner. After dinner we went to a bar where I procedded to have too much to drink and made a bad joke which he apparently found offensive. As we left the bar he stopped me in the street and told me that he was done, and that any feelings he had for me were gone. We get back to the hotel after laughing the whole way there and he says he's going to get something to eat, and never comes back. I wake up in the middle of the night to find his stuff gone. He leaves me a text message that he left me money for a cab to the airport and if I left anything at his house to give him my address so he can mail it back. He later called and said that me being drunk was disrespectful, and that he doesn't want a relationship with me.

The Worst Mistake I Ever Made
Short Attention Span Summary: Girls smell nice
I met the girl of dreams fell in love with her and ignorantly left her. She was more than everything I wanted. Im not sure if she made me realize things I never knew I liked about woman or I just liked the things about her simpley because i was her. I liked the way she dressed, talked, walked and even smelled. Scientists say you fall in love with a woman over her smell and its you genes that you are attracted to. She really had an unmistakable smell about her that brought me comfort just thinking about it away from her presence.The problem with us was we had a different faith. I wouldnt be the first one in my family who married outside my faith so i know whats its like. I had never loved or been loved and was ignorant to its power. I had assumed we date for a while in community college and then we go about our own paths when we went to universities and graduate schools.I left her because i felt she rally deserved a life better than what i had to offer her. I didnt want her to marry into my family that would have not treated her like family because she was a different race or religion.

I'm pretty sure your boyfriend does not want to be surprised with a threeway only to discover that you're bringing another guy into your bed.
»stu ||  2/14/2013 ||  11:28:19 AM
Ha. I'm glad someone picked up on that.

Then again, it could be all guys. But if not, then, yea. WTF.
»:r ||  2/15/2013 ||  10:46:22 AM

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