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Ohio + Arizona + Mrs Robot's Birthday = Busy Robot

Airy Zona
Not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but ever since I took that new position at Cubicle World USA two years ago, I travel quite a bit. The past two weeks have been what you might call “tough” as I’ve been away for almost the entire time.

Piano in middle of bar. Second seen today. Cincinnati: y'all so crazy!First, there was Ohio. I like Ohio, particularly Columbus where I generally have a swell time. That said, Ohio for me is an annual death march as they (Ohioans) tend to want me to visit every city in their fair state so my schedule often looks like this...

7:00am Depart from hotel
9:00am Arrive somewhere
10:00am Do something involving speaking or standing up
12:00pm Have lunch with someone somewhere
3:00pm Do something else involving lots of driving
6:00pm Do something
8:00pm Ridiculous dinner
11:00pm Check-in to hotel

Then repeat for a week

So, I did Ohio. And boy, did I.
Back from Ohio, I had about a day and a half to unpack, find clean laundry, re-pack, pet the wife and hug the cat and depart to Arizona.

No, really. A very pretty morning.
Conference Time
At Cubicle World USA, we hold an annual conference every year (ha). Actually, to clarify, there are lots of conferences, but I tend to “do” only this one. We have about 150 attendees and it’s usually a ridiculous week of listening to brilliant people talk and drinking ridiculously brilliant things and then eating things and waking up at 5am and going to be at 4am and running around the whole time. I’m part of the team that puts the whole show together so I’m comfortable using the term “War Room” and know all sorts of catering terminology (“they need another queen”, I said) and finding my way through the bowels of hotels and kitchens while keeping my shoes shiny and clean.

To be fair, my job is often the easiest in the grand scheme of things.
Yet, I'm exhausted.

(I had a great hotel room, though)

Speaking of shiny shoes
I’m all obsessive and/or compulsive about shoes right now. I need a new pair, and I spend way too much time on Zappos and/or thinking about shoes and looking at what other people wear.

Two Meals
This weekend we had two lovely meals.
Friday @ Fonda Brooklyn.
This was Mrs. Robot’s “Birthday Weekend” and so we met our pals KMAC and RMAC for dinner at Fonda. They do some delightful, a bit upscale Mexican food. Good times.

Duck Confit & 2002
Saturday @ The Modern
We first started with a cocktail at the 21 Club which is one block south. We’d never been. They do make some mean cocktails. Mrs. Robot said it was the best martini she’d had.
Then dinner at the Modern, although we did the bar area and not the main dining room.
Champagne. Soft cooked egg + lobster + mushrooms. Duck confit. Liverwurst. More.
It was all awesome.

Oh, and Sunday we ran into our pals Mike & Pat and had brunch with them. We brunched!
It’s been so long.

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