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Grandmothers and old rolls of film

Grandma’s Film
In 2011 I became grandmother-less when my grandmother on my mom’s side passed away. Days after the funeral we were helping clean out her little apartment at the senior center place and I find a roll of film that was in that one drawer that has all those odds and ends that we all have.

As a former photographer-type person, I was puzzled by this. A quick gooogle search revealed:

“a film intended for the occasional snapshooter, who might throw the camera in a drawer for six months between holiday photo-ops. So the emulsion also had a long shelf life, and good stability of the latent image.”

“when you turn up some ancient mystery roll, if the emulsion is Verichrome Pan your chances of recovering usable images are much improved”

“The name Verichrome was chosen to suggest “truthful rendition of color” into black and white tones. “

from here:

Rocky Mountains to the Rescue!
There’s a lab in Colorado that is the go-to place for old film stocks that no one processes anymore - so I packaged up my roll and sent it off. On their website they state that sometimes development can take a year because they don’t do these super old film stocks that often, but only when they get enough to justify it.

June 2013
Well, almost two years. One morning in June I find a little package on my desk with a return address of Colorado. I kind of freak out when I realize what it could be and freak out more when I realize that there seem to be prints in the envelope.
Amazingly, there are images on the roll.
Amazingly, they came out really good.
Crazy town!

Recently I sent the negatives off to be scanned all fancy-like so I could post them on my webber log. I also contacted my auntie-poo who was in the photos to figure out where/when these were taken.
It was 1961 and she was graduating from Lees McRae College.
In the following photos are family. There’s my mom. Grandparents. Aunts.
Crazy film!




These pictures are great. And I got all excited, as I have 12 rolls of Tri-X from the late 80's that never got developed. But boy oh boy would that be an investment!
»thewillhelm ||  7/30/2013 ||  9:07:32 AM

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