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September 10, 1995 - Never Forget

Spring Cleaning in August
This weekend was spring cleaning day at Robot Casa (incorporated LLC all rights reserved) and Mrs. Robot, being the more sober and practical one, told me that I probably needed to once again organize all my photos and negatives and slides from 20-some years of taking photos via film. They were getting out of hand.

My plan is to keep all the negatives, but dump prints unless they are somewhat awesome and noteworthy. I threw out a grocery bag of prints. Crazy.
During all this cleaning and organizing, it was naturally fun to look at all the images and I came across a roll of film that I shot on the birthday of our pal Eric(W) in 1995.
Kodak TMZ3200 film. All nice and grainy.

September 10, 1995
First, I’m happy that I’ve always been anal about putting the date on things.
Second, this looked like a fun day.

Eric was given a cake (I believe by Sarah) that was shaped like a hamburger.
He then wore the cake box lid on his head inside and outside. Note that he's "dropped trousers" once outside.
Hamburger Cake

Lid Head

I took a photo of the Sarah’s butt.

Eric and our pal Tim then rode home in the back of a hatchback.
The Ride Home

Then there was a race?
Racing? With capes?

And then Tim jumped on a mattress?
Tim: Jumping on a mattress

And then I took a photo of our pal Jungle in the shower?
Jungle Taking Shower

Apparently so.
It looked like a lovely birthday and the photo of Jungle in the shower has become one of my favorite images ever that I had totally forgotten about.

(There was more on this roll, but people have families and kids and stuff now, so, um. I’ll show those to you later. Offline.)

These are awesome!
»pony ||  8/11/2013 ||  10:15:11 PM
I like the tense smile on the hostess's face. Also I wonder what Jungle has written on his hand!
»pony ||  8/11/2013 ||  10:17:19 PM
Ha! The "hostess" is our friend Kristy. Not sure why she has a clipboard. She may have been working on a movie at that time? Hmmm.
»:r ||  8/13/2013 ||  4:07:54 PM

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