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Stu gets married

Stu gets married.
He’s Prickly
That was a theme during his whole wedding. He’s “prickly” and not easy to like.
His family even made the joke.

Our fellow robot-er Stu was married this past weekend. Straight married to a lovely young woman named Courtney. Lovely ceromony up in the Catskills with a killer view and absolutely perfect weather.
For real, was there better weather than this past weekend?

It was a grand time. There was pork and the little favors for everyone were bottles of Sriracha salt. I possibly used VINE too much.


_He_ even made that joke!
»cromulent ||  8/25/2013 ||  9:34:21 PM
Congratulations Stu!
»pony ||  8/25/2013 ||  9:36:29 PM
Mazel tov! and those clouds are even parfait. To your new union!
»kristen ||  8/28/2013 ||  11:03:50 PM
I like that even in your picture of the wedding ceremony, Courtney and I are off to the side, and the view is the real center of it all.
»stu ||  9/9/2013 ||  4:39:12 PM

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