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Hola France! Part I: We went to Paris and then Champagne

The Rodin Museum
Dos Weekos in Franceo
Live from my OpenSkies flight back to NYC: I'm writing this as I fly back home after two weeks of travel in France. My luggage is checked and full of stuff. Wine. Books. Sweaters (it was cold the first weekend). Shoes (I brought crappy shoes and bought new ones). Pants left by a colleague in a hotel. Two weeks worth of laundry.
My bag weighed 27kilos – which I believe is 893 stones or pounds or something. It's heavy. Hope the zippers hold.

La Sainte-Chapelle

Mrs. Robot accompanied me to France this time, which was exciting (for the usual sexy reasons) but also because most of the trip would be in Champagne and this would be her first time in the land of bubbles. We came a few days early and spent that time in Paris. Bread was eaten. Croissants, brioche, and croissants. And brioche.
We ate and drank well. We rode the Metro often as our hotel was a bit of a distance from seemingly everything we wanted to do.
One day we found 'Little Brittany' (our name for it) that was a block with all Breton-themed restaurants serving crepes. They were good. We visited the Rodin museum. We visited St. Chapelle (as Mrs. Robot had missed that on her previous trips).

El Grand time!

Vineyards outside of Champillon
Oh, boy. The second segment of our trip was four days in Champagne with a group of our clients - 11 people total (including everyone's spouses (hence Mrs. Robot)). Wonderful time.

We were married 13 years ago today. 2000.
Our wedding anniversary was that week and the night of our anniversary we visited Krug where they served us (amongst other things) their Clos du Mesnil 2000. The key that 2000 was the year we were married. 

Then there was a stunning dinner that couldn't be beat.
The rest of the week was pretty unbelievable (and I'll take full credit for it since I put most of it together). Cooking classes with amazing chefs. Amazing lunches. Amazing dinners. Amazing wines. Amazing countryside. Lovely hotels. Dom Perignon drunk at the Abby.
It was off the hook.

Dom Pérignon

Things I ate too much of:
-Foie grae pate
-Chocolate lovely things

Hola Hautvilliers

Next stop: Burgundy!

Here are specifics of where we went and ate and slept...
O Chateau: Wine bar with a great selection.

Le Petit Josselin: Crepes! Delicious crepes. Small and cozy.

La Poule au Pot: Traditional french cuisine. Friendly staff and open late. It's a haunt for actors and musicians apparently.

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