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The Single Best Meal from My Recent Trip to France

The Runner-Ups
We had many nice meals.
The dinner at Krug where we had these amazing scallops (three ways!) was great.
Scallops. Three ways. At Krug.

The unexpectedly amazing lunch at L'o Des Vignes in the village of Fuisse (where the food was so good, I ate it before photographing it)... yea, that was a good time.

Lunch at L'o Des Vignes (terrific and ate it all)

Can't forget the astounding and warm dinner at Domaine Anges where we were staying in Puligny-Montrachet. We were having so much fun with the other guests that I forgot to photograph the food - but did get the cheese plate.
Then cheese happened.

Then there was the modern/rustic lunch in Arbois. Stuffed guinea hen and coq au vin. Oh, and wines from the Jura.
Poulsard wine Arbois. Drank in Arbois.

Can't forget the very long and late-night Krug dinner at L'Assiette Champenoise.
That's 1989 Krug there.

And there's no way I'll forget the dinner we had while floating down the Seine.
Krug Dinner: Paris

Or all the foie gras we had at lunch that day.
Sad. This was the leftover foie gras from our lunch (half the people couldn't make it)

Not forgetting the crepes we had in "Little Britany" in Paris or the brilliant lunch in the courtyard at Krug or the lunch at Le Jardin in Reims or the lunch with all the Dom Perignon....

Those were all good.

But honestly.

The single best meal I had in France.

Hands down.

The one meal that when I took my first bite I exclaimed, "this. is. delicious."

That meal. The single best one. Was this:
The Best Sandwich Ever

No kidding. This was the best single thing I ate while in France. We were driving back to Paris and stopped at a rest-area along the A6 interstate. 
Brilliant crusty bread.
Comté cheese.
Heated up.

For real. It was outstanding. 

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how are you not fat?
»pony ||  10/10/2013 ||  2:45:49 PM
You should write a book about that...
»pony ||  10/10/2013 ||  2:46:04 PM
I did get a bit of a bread gut from that trip.
»:r ||  10/10/2013 ||  4:10:27 PM

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