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The Ghost Co-Op Board is the Worst

If you a ghost
Many of you who follow me on Orkut know that my lovely wife and I have been “shopping” for an apartment here in The New York City. Oh, what an adventure it has been.
Every Sunday instead of going to a holy building of some sort we go to all the open houses that pop up. Sunday is Open House day in NYC. If we have our A-game on we can do 5-6 in one afternoon; it can be a tricky logistical juggling of times and subways and cabs. We’re good at it, which is a bad sign (in that we are still looking).
It’s all OK. We have a deadline of May 2014.

Today, being Halloween, I took some of the open house photos that I’ve snapped and added some creepy little girls to them. While at work today, I showed this to various colleagues and many of them - surprisingly - freaked out.
I apparently work with easily scared people.

Happy Birthday
Halloween is Robert Pollard's birthday.

Ghost Catchers
I suspect this still annoys my little niece and nephew who love Ghostbusters. I'll try some of these out next time I see them.
Ghost Catchers!

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