Good morning NYC. Time to go to bed.
Travel Crazy
I’m still a bit sleepy from the past week as it was a crazy travel week. Let me tell you where I was: Northern Virginia + Delaware + Washington DC; Same day trip to Orlando (the ol’ Orlando in & out); Cleveland, where I saw the Christmas Story house; Milwaukee, where I had a grand time with fancy folks; Philadelphia; Las Vegas, another same-day in & out (given the choice between spending the night in Vegas and spending the night on an airplane flying back to the east coast, I chose the airplane).
I am now Super Titanium Level on Delta which means I can ride up in the cockpit or in the luggage hold. My choice.

December looks equally crazy travel-wise. Before Christmas, I will be home for all of three days.

Things seen

On the same day, I saw the following:
(1) Man wearing jeans and no shirt talking to friend on sidewalk. It was 40 degrees outside.
(2) Man carrying cat down the street. Calmly. Man was calm. Cat was calm.

It’s tomorrow? How’d that happen? So crazy and late this year.
That said, if your Thanksgiving is anything like mine (sexy and fattening) then you’ll of course be humming this song all day: “deep fried turkey”

Spider Bag
"Excuse me sir, you have a spider on your bag", said the man on the subway. And he was correct. There was a spider on my bag.

God said Oil!
This is hilarious.
The born-again CEO believes the Old Testament and an office full of geologists will lead him to great oil deposits.
Olive oil?

We’re also using the Old Testament to hunt for an apartment.

Last night we did a wine tasting at the Times Square.. Ball. You know, the big ball that drops.
I touched the ball. Crazy.

Oh my. We were so excited about Rawtella and I found a bottle being sold near by office. It's a hazelnut spread without the creepy palm oil that Nutella has. Good golly it's horrid. When tasting, at first there is a nice creaminess, but that is followed up by an amazingly bitter and almost bile-ish finish that tastes, honestly, artificial and off. Maybe we had a bad bottle?

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