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TurkeyDay 2013: Hello LA

Hey Turkey!
Once again, as we’ve done since 2006 we traveled via airplane to the “City of Angels” for our annual “Thanksgiving West Coast Style”!Head Cam As per normal, we left Thanksgiving day morning allowing us to arrive around 11am and in plenty of time for finding where we packed our stretchy pants.

Once again…
It was a grand time. Friends. Food. Laughing. Hugging. Happy crying. Hot tubs. Sunshine. Hiking. Pork loin wrapped in sausage and then wrapped (lattice style) with bacon. Wine. Spirits.
Our pals Kristy & Matt out-did themselves again in terms of awesomeness of food. It was a great Thanksgiving dinner.
We saw Alec, who used to “blog” here on the robot. He is doing well. We also saw Tamara, who used to also do stuff on the robot. We didn’t see Sunshine Jen. D’oh!

Highlights included:
- A hike in Runyon Canyon (which I called Funyun’s Canyon)
- Drinks at Perch in downtown LA. Rooftop bar and restaurant. Lovely views.
- Big dinner at Black Cat in Silverlake. It was full of love.
- Fancy cocktails at Bar Stella
- Tacos at Tacos Delta and breakfast at Cafe Tropical and juice from Naturewell
- Laughter
- Bubbles

Pre-food madness

The Pork Explosion


happy crying :)
»kristen ||  12/3/2013 ||  11:34:47 PM

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