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You won't believe how long this website has been in existence! The sexy results will surprise you!

Fingerless Gloves seem to be Hot this Season
Have you noticed this or is just a NYC thing: folks wearing fingerless gloves in the winter time? I love it. I totally love when a totally non-practical item becomes fashionable.
Just the other day I was thinking, “you know, my palms are freezing - yet my fingertips are pretty warm. I wish there were gloves that could solve this digit temperature quandary.”

Love it.

Tampa has a Pirate Festival
Last weekend Mrs Robot and I found ourselves in Tampa, Florida. There was a last minute work thing I had to do so Mrs. Robot came along for the ride because it was:
(1) Florida
(2) Not minus twenty zillion degrees


When we arrived, we realized that the hotel we were staying in was very close to where their annual pirate festival was going on. Here’s what we found entertaining because we are big-city jerks:
- “You mean you’ve never heard of {whatever the name of the pirate festival is}??
This was a common one. I wanted to say, “actually, I’ve never heard anything regarding Tampa” - apart from the fact that my father had an aunt that lived there years ago.
- “It’s like Mardi Gras
Well, in that people had beads and were drunk. But, yea. No.

Pirates are/were cool. Remember when we would all make pirate jokes? I’m reading a book right now: 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created .
Pirates, like ‘real’ pirates, were of course THE WORST. Much like ‘real’ pirates are these days.
If we did some sort of compare/contrast pirate comparison between pirates in Tampa and actual pirates we would point out that actual pirates rarely yell, “wooooooooooo!’ and very few wear hootchie-mamma pants.

Reading Glasses
Oh, crud. As many long time readers (AKA “professional spammers who scan this site all day from India”) know, my birthday and the birthday of this website are on the same day - although many years apart.

What’s changed since this website launched in 1998? 1999?
- Smartphones
- Social media destroyed blogs
- Babies (who are now all young people with keen fashion sense)
- Presidents
- Never Forget
- I have reading glasses
- People got married
- People broke up
That’s about it, right?

My god. My eyesight is just wonky these days if I need to read something up close (and lob-forbid if the text is small and maybe on a bottle of wine that is wet and I’m in a dark restaurant). So, I have reading glasses now. I think two people have actually seen them - three if cats count.
Glasses. That happened.

In Tampa
While in Tampa during a pirate festival that is well known and very much like Mardi Gras, we sat by the pool as it was a warm day and the pool was empty because everyone was out dressed like hoochie pirates, and I wore reading glasses while reading my Kindle.
We are either old or dorky or both.

Those who follow me on “The Facebook” may know that we are looking to “purchase” an apartment. It’s not going very well, but this is NYC and this process is insane and makes people crazy. Funnily, for all of our pro-Brooklyn rantings over the past 17 (sweet jeebus) years, we are looking in Manhattan as well. Prices aren’t that different and isn’t so friggin’ precious.
What kind of monster have we created here in this borough?

Here’s what we want in an apartment:
- More than one closest
- Room for cat box in bathroom
- Decent light in one room
- A corner to set up a small desk
- Elevator
- Solid (can you hear the neighbor fart or laugh while he listens to Jordan Jesse Go!?)

Here’s the nice to have:
- Window in bathroom and kitchen


you don't have a dollar store in your neighborhood, do you? Thinking glasses. I am very glad your sexy website has survived and prospered. I am so pleased you started this thing before I ever heard the word blog. I consider myself just a tiny hair above middle america- but that's what any middle american would say- and as a middle american- you were so very ahead of the word BLOG its not even
»anne ||  2/2/2014 ||  6:19:18 PM
worth mentioning. one of my boys will be 16 in a few months. He wore a happy robot tee-shirt back when he chewed stuff and threw up on things and toddled around without pants.
Thanks! And Happy Birthday. Blogs- what the hell- they'll be taken over by Disney before my kid is in College- But you'll still be around! Woo! Does this seem overly familiar or inappropriate?
»anne ||  2/2/2014 ||  6:23:23 PM
Happyrobot changed lives and the internets - that's why we all tried really hard to have our babies share your birthday. Only 2 managed, but others hover close. Much love to you, old friend.
»pony ||  2/3/2014 ||  9:13:16 PM

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