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The New (Robot) Normal

The New (robot) Normal
I've posted before about (1) how busy I am and (2) OMIGOD I flew some many places last week. 2014, so far, is taking the cake for insanity in work. I'm not complaining as it's fun and challenging and rewarding… but it's taxing.

Power line? Keep or remove?

For instance
A few weeks back I had cobbled together a few events that I had been asked to host/speak at/jibber-jabber. Usually I try to do one place in one week, but this was insane. Here's how it worked.
6am flight to Boston (6am flights are the worst)
All day seminar thing (where I am the jibber-jabbering person)
7pm flight from Boston to Cincinnati (“Cincy” they say)

Arrive in Cincinnati well past midnight.
7:45am: Pickup for a full day of jibber jabber.
Sleep in Columbus

Columbus and Cleveland
5pm: Fly out of Cleveland back to NYC

All day seminars and tastings in NYC
7pm: Newark to Austin TX

Midnight: Arrive in hotel in Austin. Only one room left. They had a leaking faucet in the room earlier in the day. The carpet is soaked. Room is comped.
7am: Leave hotel
8am: 3 hour jibber jabbering
11am: Drive to San Antonio
12:30pm: Have a great chicken torta
1pm-4pm: More jibber jabbering in front of people
6pm: Fly home. Connect in Chicago. Arrive in Newark at the lovely hour of 1am-something

(What I'm amazed about, apart from the crappy Austin hotel, is that it all worked)

There it is
So. Yes. That's the shit I'm up to these days. This means that I struggle to find time to...
- "Program" websites
- Search RSS feeds for clever Robot Filter stories
- Come up with pithy Weekly Polls
- Think coherently about much that doesn't involve wine
- Harass Stu

I barely use an actual computer anymore. My Macbook at home often doesn't get used for days.
It's all insane.

(also, I'm realizing that you could switch out "work" and "wine" for "baby" and new parents would have the same experience (apart from the massive hotel and airline upgrades I get))
(“We jibber-jabbered at the baby all day”, they would say)

That Said
I’ve been having fun with Vynet, which is a video… recording/editing program that helps you make fun videos for Vine or Instagram. Playing with the time-lapse has been fun and you drop audio on top of it so I’ve been digging through my brother’s music project Mountain of Sound for music to use because I assume he won’t sue me for that.
That’s been fun.

As you can tell, I’m on planes a lot.
(you have to click on the videos to get the sound to play)

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