Worst Job Ever #49
Two stinky men in a horse costume.

The New Normal (Alarm Clock-wise)
Recently, as in the past two days, I’ve not set an alarm in the morning. My lovely wife has to wake up earlier than I do so there is no real fear of me sleeping until 10am, but it’s a much nicer way to start the day. Au natural. No alarm.
She’ll clank around in the kitchen or the bathroom and the cat will be walking all over my face as she tries to get a good view out the window of the birds; there is no way I’m not waking up.
No alarm clock = so much nicer

You may recall that last year I went on a fun work trip to Jackson, Wyoming. I just got back from this year’s trip and it’s such a lovely corner of the earth. Oh my. So pretty.
Good Morning from Jackson

Stormy in Jackson

I also have been in Virginia and Dallas and Portland (OR) and this week will be making appearances on Marco Island in Florida at the Chuckle Factory. Week after next: Napa! And Rhode Island.
Not much happening at Dallas Love Field.

House Hunting
Still looking for an apartment. Do you have one? Can you move out and let us live there?

Avon Boston!
Oh, last thing about my lovely wife. She walked 4 zillion miles this past weekend in the Avon Walk to Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research. Yay! Good job pretty lady!
My thing is this: the event is known as the “Avon Walk for Breast Cancer” and the whole time I’m like, “No! Don’t walk FOR breast cancer! Holy shit! That’s the totally wrong thing to do!!”.
They need to tweak the name.

Also I saw a bumper sticker that was something like, “Cops for Kids with Cancer” and I kind of thought, “shouldn’t everyone be for helping kids with cancer? are there people who are totally fine with kids having cancer?”

Orange Cats
Still the best kind.

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