The New Apartment: Things Bought
My hope to one day assist someone doing research on appliances and things with an actual review and photos. Basically, this is what I was looking for when shopping.

The Thing: Gas Range
Frigidaire 30'' Freestanding Gas Range
5-Burner Freestanding 4.2-cu ft Gas Range (Stainless Steel)
(Common: 30-in; Actual 29.88-in)
Lowes Item #: 276881
Model #: FFGF3049LS

The New Apartment: Things Bought

Got Gas?
We had to replace the stove/oven in our apartment. It didn't work. It was filthy. It had been built during the 1700's. It was haunted. There was a family of raccoons living in it. Parts of it were radioactive.

Here's my theory: Buy the simplest range you can find.
We have friends who bought this gorgeous Italian range for a million dollars. It really was gorgeous - I recall the knobs. The knobs were gorgeous.
That said, apparently it never worked correctly. Constantly being repaired.

Consumer Reports recommended this range. I liked two features on it (which are standard features these days, but this would be the most modern range we'd ever had):

(1) There is a single huge burner for 'quick boil'. It's huge. Things heat up quick. I also use it for warming tortillas.
(2) There is a small burner for simmering. Oh, it works great. Our old apartment had a pain-in-the-butt range that basically operated on two modes: Off or High. Simmering was a lost cause. This Frigidaire simmers like a pro.

Let's see. What else?
There is a cool rectangular-shaped burned in the middle. I don't know what you do with it. Maybe a griddle?

The oven works great. There is a light (this is all very luxurious to us) and it heats up very fast and keeps a stable temp. There is a broiler below but we've never used it. I'm not sure we ever will - in our old range I think the boiler is where all the mice hung out.

Yay. I'm happy with this range. It's solid and heats things up in a most attractive manner.

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