The New Apartment: Things Bought
My hope to one day assist someone doing research on appliances and things with an actual review and photos. Basically, this is what I was looking for when shopping.

The Thing: Refrigerator
LG 10.1-cu ft Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator (Platinum Silver)
Lowes Item #: 638267
Model #: LBN10551PS

Photo Sep 19, 14 50 56

We also bought a new frig as the one in our apartment was a crazy person one.
LG is one of the few reputable companies that seems to make a skinny refrigerator and we bought ours from Lowes.

But, First
Why in the world are there not more smaller, skinny refrigerators for sale in NYC? Showrooms have these huge monster suburbs units and the few small ones are those super cheap (and super short) builder-grade units.
Are we the only New Yorkers who think having a tall and thin refrigerator is a good idea?
(apparently, yes)

The Refrigerator
It is handsome. LED lighting on the inside. A little bing-bong noise if you leave the door open too long. It is only 10 cubic feet, which is the standard size for a small frig, so we didn't gain or lose any space compared to the crappy unit we had.

The interior shelves could maybe a bit more versatile - it feels like you could squeeze one more in.

The freezer is a bit meh: there is a skinny drawer for your ice trays but it can be tricky to get to. The drawers have a bit of a clunky plastic feel (because they are clunky and plastic).
All of that said, I like it. It keeps things cold and is handsome to look at.

We've been impressed with Lowes from previous purchases: blinds, ovens, dishwashers, and our bathtub. The refrigerator was a bit of a letdown - experience-wise.

Here's how it went.
- Order refrigerator
- It's backordered. They tell us that it'll be a few weeks. It turns out to be close to four months.
- We get updates from the local store that it's still back-ordered which is nice.

At some point, their delivery vendor XPO gets involved and we three different calls over the course of two months saying that the item will be delivered the next day. We call Lowes to confirm. They either can't tell us for sure where the unit is or tell us that it will be delivered the next day. Upon calling the local store, they are able to shed light on things.
So, when dealing with Lowes don't call the 800 number. Call the store. For real.

I can't really stress how annoying and lame these 'false alarms' were. I sat at home twice awaiting a refrigerator that never arrived.
The cherry on top is when it actually arrives. They give me a time frame of 4pm-7pm. At 1pm, a delivery guy calls my office to tell me that he's at our apartment and wondering we are.
"Well, it's a Friday, and I want to get home soon - can you hurry up and get here?"

Yay. It's all good.

Photo Sep 19, 14 51 14

Photo Sep 19, 14 51 18

Photo Sep 19, 14 51 46

Photo Sep 19, 14 51 59

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