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nostradamus predicted me having pizza today for lunch!

Damn Radio Woes!
this damn virus that hit all the computers ripped through the office tuesday and has been causing major havoc. unfortunately, the worm thing came through the port on my machine that was opened for happyrobot radio, so when they found out, the radio got it's plug pulled.

right now, i am working on building a station on the service is nice because it runs off their servers, so when i crash my machine, it won't affect your ingestion of the "rock".

my question to you is this... what speed is your connection? or more precisely, how many of you are using a dialup and not cable or dsl or a t-1?
the reason is that i have to set it for a minimum speed, which of course means the slower the speed the lower the quality. if there aren't many people dialing it, i won't bother converting the mp3s to a lower quality (32 instead of 56 if you are wondering).

hit the Contact page and drop us a line if you would.

here is the new station on
i apologize for the damn stupid commercial at the beginning.

do you know about the Slomin Shield?

nostradamus predicted me having pizza today for lunch! that nut.
In the year of the new century and nine months
From the elevator will come circular food
And a nectar called Snapple
Tomato and mozzarella in the new city

did anyone notice that in KRISTEN'S WORDS, she did a FAQ, but she put F.A.G.
i am not sure if that was a joke or not. nutty nut.

Job Opening
we need another writer. looks like Lawton has abandoned us for grad school (he's getting his learn on). if you think you might want to do it, hit the Contact page and let's chat.

that damn WTC disaster
well, it's been a whole week since that damn WTC disaster. slowly my life is getting back to normal.
things i have noticed:

-the smoke and burning smell have almost completely disappeared (well, except for right on top on the rubble)

-this disaster has totally screwed up the whole telecommunications thing. cell phones and dsl connections are still screwy. (boo-hoo i know)

-the huge amount of fliers with missing people on them are everywhere. it's kinda creeping me out seeing all these smiling faces looking at me, and realizing that they didn't make it out of the towers alive. (the pictures all seem to be from parties or weddings, so everyone is real happy)

-yesterday i overheard a construction worker say, "i think i love this city more everyday"

in other news...
the president has announced that there is a war against terrorism. um, george... didn't your dad declare that too? and bill? and reagan?
if this is a war, we have been getting our butt kicked for a few decades.

harpers magazine has a great article this month about israel and the current situation between the palestinians and the jews. is it me, or do we need to just start all over with that whole area?

i need to call raquel. i haven't talked to her in days.

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