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he looks like a dumb version of my friend stan

hi kids. once again, i am presenting you with links of things to look at. even though it's been 3 weeks since that damn WTC thing, i am still in a bit of a funk... due mostly to every single news source telling us about stuff that could happen or almost happened.
this morning on npr, they were going on and on about chemical warfare, and i realize that this is dumb, but i kept thinking, "shut up! maybe they haven't thought of that yet"..

like Bob Terrorist is listening and thinking, "damn! why didn't i think of that!"

the only semi/maybe good news is that our pal George W said that there wouldn't be a huge attack on someone, but more like a whole bunch of small sneaky attacks. that makes me feel a bit better for some reason.

ok, boys and girls. your job this week if you haven't done it all ready is to read the new Onion. this is the most brilliant thing i have ever seen in my short, candycorn filled life.

be sure to check out the Talking To Your Child About The WTC Attack
not only is it funny and clever, but it's very informative.
(that link goes to the mobile version.. the regular one seems to be down... too much traffic.)

dan savage's column in the onion AV-Club had a great quote about our mayor, rudy giuliani
(printed w/o permission)
While I once could be counted among those who loathed New York City's controversial-art- demagoging, ferret-owner-bashing, sex-industry- persecuting mayor, I now stand proudly with those who would like to see Giuliani serve another term—preferably George W. Bush's term.

it's amazing how this town loves it's mayor now. one of the few nice things that has happened since all that crap.
i'd vote for him again (actually, even as a registered democrat, i always said i'd vote for him. i think you kinda need to be a tyrant to run this stupid town)

just got a new cd
Death Cab For Cutie: We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes. enjoyable. poppy. nice. but is not registering on the CDDB feature on winamp. yea, boo-hoo, right?

job openings
yes, i am still looking for people to be writers and possibly other things (we can always use guest reviews for movies or books). if you are interested (and interesting) let us know. the "application" process will just be to write us something funny / interesting / stupid / whatever and i will pass it around to the happyrobot posse and get a consensus.

radio station
is on. the company that is hosting it, Live365, is pretty crappy compared to the last setup. i was listening yesterday and songs were "skipping" and getting cut short... and then there are the damn commercials. needless to say, i am not too happy with this setup. still looking, though. maybe i should just buy another machine and run it at home. maybe.

i saw this girl on the train that looked like our good pal raquel (maybe raquel should write for us too). i was looking at her thinking, "golly, she looks like a lo-fi version of raquel". and then i think she looked at me thinking "he looks like a dumb version of my friend stan". or that is what i imagine. it was probably more like, "damn freak"

go to man
need something done. i'm your go-to man.

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