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no one ever winks at me

This just in!! Monkeys!!
wireless monkey!

weather wise, it went from summer to winter in the span of a week. this weekend was, i believe what they officially call "icky". rainy. chilly. windy. you know, that kinda stuff.

did i mention the great article in the last Harpers? the one about the palestinians stuck in israel (i think 'stuck' may be the right word, too). good golly... what a mess.

i totally forgot that harper's index was on the inter-web (as the kids call it)

i ordered some stuff from amazon, and they have successfully shipped every friggin item separately one day apart. i don't know much about business (i.e. happyrobot still doesn't have a fancy corporate campus with puppies running around) but it seems like shipping each item in it's own box is not the best way to save cash.

on related amazon news, jeff bezos, their ceo, is doing a commercial for taco bell.
'I'm not just a high-tech innovator, America--I eat tacos, too,

dude, no one ever winks at me.

our CTO and most-valuable-employee Matt is turning a year older tomorrow (tues oct 2). remember, he loves cake.

if you don't live in NYC (which most of you don't if my stats are correct), you haven't had the delightful experience of seeing and/or smelling the Gowanus Canal. it's an interesting place... the canal has been sitting stagnant for about 30 years because it's kind of a dead end and has been collecting industrial waste and sewage.
we saw a documentary about it and there were lots of interesting stories about...

- the number of bodies they pull out of it every year

- people who are fishing there (um, why?) and hook a suitcase full of body parts from different bodies.

- people who fall in and die hours later from the filth that gets in their system (basically, they said that if you fall in, you'll die).

here is a nice site full of photos of the canal. be sure to check out the pictures of the diver who goes in with a white dive suit on and comes out black.

the reason the gowanus canal came up is that the sushi site i am working on needed some test restaurants for the data base, and i thought a place called gowanus Sushi would be pretty funny (and ultimately unsuccessful i bet).

i don't know why, but there isn't a single waving animated gif american flag on this site. does that make me a bad citizen?

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