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beulah + Sylvia's

beulah is playing here in nyc this weekend, and i got my tickets and am ready to rock. to rock!
i hope they have t-shirts there, too. i need a new rock shirt.

last night we went to Sylvia's for dinner uptown in harlem. i ordered fried chicken and waffles, and had a epiphany.
i love waffles.
i love fried chicken.
this may be my perfect meal! (well, let's add some rolls from SanDobe... but that's all)

i gained maybe 295 pounds last night. you should see me. all i can do is roll around today. but seriously folks, the happyrobot staff loved sylvia's.

oh, dog run report for 10/3/2001 2:30pm

Madison Square Dog Run.
10 dogs
90% sniffing
10% running

Union Square Dog Run.
4 dogs
50% sniffing
50% running

New Content
there is a lot of stuff on the horizon for happyrobot. that is all i will say. i am not saying what we got, but i will say what we got is good.

Fried Chicken
back to fried chicken, Sylvia's was good, but so is Harvest if you are ever in brooklyn-towne. and Live Bait on 23rd has some awesome chicken.

george w bush don't talk too good. i am listening to him on the radio and they are reporting on his trip to NYC, and he's all "ums" and "uh". i am not saying that i am a good speaker, but you just assume that when the president is speaking in front of a large group of business leaders, he might actually get his act together.

i came home and plopped onto the couch to visit with the kitty and turned on the tv. mtv (or vh1) was doing a premiere of some new michael jackson video. here are my observations in convenient number list form...

1. michael's face can be fully seen for about 2 seconds. the rest of the time it's hidden under the brim of his hat.

2. of course, marlon brando is in it. he plays a mob-esque boss who grunts.

3. chris tucker, one of the unfunniest actors in the world, is also in it.

4. michael grabs himself a lot like in that last video he did 10 years ago.

5. i think they darkened his skin up a bit.

6. the climax of the video is the always fun and original "fighting with dance".

7. i have no idea what to say about the song. i was too busy trying to see his face.

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