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jets are flying over nyc as we speak

after watching the BBC world news for hours about this attack of afghanistan, i am feeling very un-robot-ish.
speaking of the BBC, i am now realizing what a better world news service they are, compared to our 'usa-first' news channels here. the bbc was the only one that had any footage or contacts in afghaistan, where people like CBS were having to say stuff like, "according to reports from Reuters, planes are attacking Kabul". lame ol' usa news networks.
(note: if michael jackson was attacking afghanistan, we'd would have footage i am sure)

jets are flying over nyc as we speak. what the hell.

non-end of the world topics
the newest feature here at world robot headquarters is the Haiku Record Review. 5-7-5. if you want to contribute some record reviews (or "CDs" as the kids call them) click the contact button and let us know.

we saw Beulah and the Mates of State saturday night at the bowery ballroom. what a great show that was. MOS were awesome and the keyboardie girl is an amazing singer and keyboard player. they seem like real nice kids:)
Beulah was amazing. lots of energy and happiness... kept pulling people up on stage to dance and play with them.
the beulah show might be one of the best shows i have seen (and i have seen a lot).
then there was the happy cute flute girl.

oh. i got a Beulah shirt, too.

they still have copies of their first album (Handsome Western States), so if you don't have it, and want to start your beulah collection, please pick this one up.

Adina and other Canadian robots!
Beulah is playing in toronto on the 9th! go see them!

bastard lawton
ok, enough about beulah. well, except that john lawton (who went with us) said he would promise to write some new movie reviews. apparently the WTC disaster has screwed up his movie review writing skills.

the interweb
have you seen the Tourist Guy? this actually had be laughing out loud, which happens so little, being that i am a cranky bastard.
also, the Icy Hot Stunaz from Toccoa, Georgia are back! yay! they really don't like those playa hatas.
(if you must know, happyrobot is riding on dubs)
"The Icy hot stuntaz are thinking about going to the local recruiter to become one of America's 'few and proud'. With the 3 of us defending this nation, you guys are all in safe hands suckaz. We cannot have our fans living in fear, so we have decided to protect you. The hata terrorist won't know whats gonna hit them when I come through afganistan mock 3 style suckaz. I just want America to rest at ease knowing that the icy hot stunaz, yes...yours truly, will be keeping our country safe from all enemies."

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