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da erf goan bust open - get your war on

i think my sore is throat. i call my doctor and they tell me that they can see me in 2 weeks. 2 weeks? by that time my throat will of fallen off and i will be some sort of freak! freak i tell ya! a hideous, throat-less freak! children will cry out and point, "mommy! what is that hideous throat less freak!!?". and then they will cry some more.
actually, this may be a good thing in that it forces me to find another doctor. the one i have now i chose only because of insurance reasons... and he has turned out to be kind of a jerk. it was actually a weird experience to be in his office and think, "geez. my doctor is a jerk".
damn health insurance.

space ghost?! that's the name on our peee-za

this whole Bert / Bin Laden thing has to be the funniest war related story of all time. bin laden supporters have single handily made themselves look like goofs in front of the whole smirking world. i mean, it's not like you have to know who "Bert" is... he's a cartoonish looking character. who in their right mind would think to include that?
this whole thing is a mess.
i hope they don't get mad about all this and burn Bert in effigy. that would be sad.

of course, now i am kicking myself for not making Bin Laden + Danny Chambers pictures... can you imagine if that happened?!

"Catastrophic failure"
that is the error i just got. wow.

my friend eric just said this: da erf goan bust open!

Get your war on
did you see this? why not?

hi kids. gather around.
i found this great online photo gallery.

then watch a video from Beulah's new album.

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