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Brain Pan-Am Sound Library

happy good day to you. our noise-ey pal eric has set up a new sound page for your enjoyment: Brain Pan-Am Sound Library. have you seen it yet? why not? go now!

Movie Reviewers
lawton is way too busy to muster the time to write 2 sentences for the 2 Sentence Movie Review. this means that happyrobot has to realize that he may need assistance in reviewing movies. you want to do it? here is what we need...

-people who go to movies. and not stupid ass movies either (unless it's ironic or something). look at the past reviews, and if you saw a lot of those movies, that will be a good sign.

-the ability to write to clever sentences (i would like to keep the 2 sentence format because it keeps the author from giving away too much of the movie... and works better on the mobile/palm versions)

click the contact button and send us your ideas / feelings / desires /stuff like that.

Haiku Record Reviews
if anyone wants to contribute to this, please contact us. do you buy / listen / steal new albums on a regular basis and can write a haiku? perfect!

ok. let's geek out gadget style: The Treo communicator

being a dumb american guy, i don't know much about the middle east. here is volume one of the "happyrobot world history for dumb guys". the first class will be: the history of israel

what is up with that? how did we get ourselves so unprepared? dang... that all makes me nervous.

i am trying to upgrade my account at Live365 to hold more space (more space = more rock). i fill out the form with my name and credit card info, and hit submit, i get this error:
"The account does not exist, or your previous order is being processed at the moment."

so either i don't have an account.. or i do and my order may be processing. Live365 has my nomination for most asinine error message.

i can suggest some others if they like...
"something is wrong. or it may just be something else"
"thanks for your order. or possibly there is an error"

Billy and the ghost of grandpa
the family circus is one of those fluff cartoons that i quit paying attention to after i turned 5 years old. Bill Keane relied on those wonderful gimmicks like follow the path of billy through the neighborhood and grandpa is still with us, but as some sort of invisible ghost angel (that scared me... i didn't want to think that my poor dead grandpa was hovering around me when i was visiting the toliet).
what's the point of all this? um... oh yea, check out the reviews for the Family Circus collection on Amazon.

snuffy smith
did you ever notice that in snuffy smith, everyone sticks their toungue out. what is up with that? do you have any idea what i am talking about?

shout out to Raq.

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